130 Times Architects Outdid Themselves And People Celebrated Their Work Online (New Photos)

It’s articles like this that make us want to become an architect and change the world forever with our creativity, skills and designs. The world is full of impressive architectural projects that are beyond the pleasure of our eyes: when we see them, we genuinely feel that they energize our imagination and reinvigorate our spirit.

A popular subreddit, with more than 1.3 million members, celebrates the “beautiful impossibilities we want to live in.” Photos of these architectural wonders are astonishingly beautiful. This is the best that humanity has to offer. And it feels that way. Scroll down to see the best of architectural design, vote for the photos that resonated with you the most, and let us know what you liked best and why, dear pandas.

Whom bored pandawe’re enormous fans of architecture, design and everything beautiful. When you’ve enjoyed this list to the fullest, be sure to check out our previous features on the subreddit here: Part 1, Part 2, part 3Y part 4.

Although we cannot mention the full name of the architecturally inclined subreddit (Internet censorship is the worst, trust us!), We can’t stress enough how amazing the community really is.

It’s packed with beauty, mind-blowing ideas, and enough inspiration to shake any and all artists out of any creative block they may have. Really. If you’re having a bad day or feel like your imagination has run out, soak up all the photos on this list. They will help. Oh, and if any of you Pandas are on the fence about studying architecture, this is the sign from the Universe you’ve been waiting for: go for it!

The subreddit is absolutely huge and has a huge following. It’s hard not to see the appeal of the community – everyone shares beautiful photos of impressive buildings and places. It really awakens your innermost desire to pack a suitcase and travel to a new place. Wanting to go on an adventure is something very human… building places worth visiting is the other side of that coin.

If you plan to be an active and friendly member of the subreddit community, you must agree to follow the group rules. They actually have a Massive and well-structured FAQ available for everyone to browse. It details, well, just about everything: from photo submission guidelines to what kind of images are best shared on other subreddits. All the rules help the sub moderators to focus on their preferred niche.

Many of the buildings and places featured in this article look amazing, that’s for sure. But how many of them would make a good home? Sure, it’s fascinating to explore an ancient castle with a majestic library, but consider the practicalities of living there.

How much time would you spend dusting and cleaning everything? What would you do with the heating? What is the commute situation like if you have to report to your office half the work week? (Though if you bought yourself a castle, we’re assuming travel and work expenses are generally not a big deal!)

Simply put, only you can know if you would love or hate living in a particular place. The most aesthetically pleasing buildings can be a real headache to maintain. Similarly, an extravagant historic home could steal your heart and make you want to settle there.

A while ago, Bored Panda spoke with Ariane Sherine, editor of ‘These Three Rooms,’ on buy and redecorate properties. He pointed out that if you see a house that you love, ignore what other people think and go for it, buy it. (Of course, after they review it in terms of security, etc.)

“A home that works seamlessly in terms of everything working properly and having a beautiful design aesthetic is the dream,” the design expert previously told us.

“Remove any horrible wallpaper, take any horrible rug and start over. I’m a fan of neutral decor with white or cream walls and oak floors, but that’s not everyone’s thing,” the expert shared on how you can start redecorating your new old home.

“Create a moodboard with the decoration that you like. Pick a maximum of four colors per room, stick them on the board, and see if they all go together. Everyone has their own unique sense of style; the important thing is that you love the interior of your house. Don’t worry about what other people think.”

Unfortunately, many of our home-related dreams are limited by our wallets. You would love to have a literal castle. But all the ones on my mind are a little out of my budget.

“If you’re having a hard time finding something within your budget, it may be worth looking at help-to-buy schemes if you’re a first-time buyer, and shared ownership schemes if you’re not. Alternatively, explore downsizing or look at different locations,” Ariane told Bored Panda.

“The further you are from a city, the cheaper property is usually. Although the savings may be offset by the cost of commuting and general travel, keep that in mind,” he said to see the bigger picture. When you see the larger context, you can start to think about what compromises to make and where.

“Only you know what compromises you’re willing to make, but it really pays to get on the ownership ladder as early as possible in life. Although I appreciate that it can often be extremely difficult.”

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