24 Celebrities Who Voted For Trump In 2020

In Case You Missed It, Donald Trump Is Running For president again.

Because it’s always interesting, let’s take a look at what celebrities voted for him in 2020, because some have already said that they will support him in 2024…

In 2020, he spoke out for Trump on Twitter:

The Democrats have spent 4 years RESISTING, making false accusations & trying to accuse instead of doing what they are paid to do; rule & CREATE positive change. Trump works around the clock, acts fast & decisively, which usually turns out for the best. that’s why I vote it

Twitter: @kirstialley

And in April of this year, he said he had no regrets.

You are right, I supported Trump and NO, I did not regret it after they called me. The facts are important. Shut up the fiction https://t.co/Q7A469m57r

Twitter: @kirstialley

He was a big Trump supporter, and probably still is.

He has played golf with Trump several times.

Really, many times.

Another great day at the links! Thank you POTUS for hosting me and EVERYONE at Trump International for being so wonderful. What a great man, so down to earth and so much fun to be around! KEEP AMERICA GREAT! -rock child

Twitter: @KidRock

In early November, I was tweeting about Oprah and Dr. Oz.

Oprah helped Dr. Oz with his career. I guess because she researched him and found out that he was a wonderful person. Now she is against her. Oprah is a fraud. -Rock child.

Twitter: @KidRock

In 2019, I was always tweeting about Trump.

President Trump will NOT kick this can down the road like his predecessors did. The Wall will be built. The democrats just need to learn to eat crow and realize they are trading with the wrong G! #BuildTheWallNow #MAGA #WWG1WGA


Here she was in her Trump 2020 hat:

I used to sell Trump merchandise:

And he was tweeting about Trump in June earlier this year:

All of you Trump haters are enemies of humanity because you mindlessly bowed down with your derangement syndrome and ushered in a catastrophe for America & the world. Thanks for no shit.

Twitter: @TedNugent

told the Washington Post in 2019: “Oh, I’m sure I’m supporting the president. I don’t like any Democratic candidate. I mean, Pete Buttigieg is an interesting guy, he’s smart and articulate, but when you start getting into his economic philosophies and all that drive Marxist, no, I don’t agree with that.”


Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley

The saying the Cassius Morris Show in September 2020: “I will say that I am a Trump supporter. Every politician has had skeletons in the closet. But I believe that Trump is the strongest leader we have on the table.”

The posted a video on instagram in August 2020 showing his support for Trump, saying, “We the people have turned our backs on this great man who has been working effortlessly to restore balance to the Republic and hasn’t even gotten a paycheck.”

Last night, he tweeted his support for Donald Trump in 2024:

Listening to Donald Trump made me feel like America’s best days might be yet to come. Donald Trump has the guts, common sense, and knowledge to lead America off the destructive path he currently faces. He clearly communicates to the American people with bold clarity.

Twitter: @RobertJohnDavi


The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson


Previous Grey’s Anatomy actor isaiah washington

In 2019, he he left as a Trump supporter.

Earlier this month, he tweeted that he was “a little upset” with Trump.

I’m a little upset with Donald J. Trump and I’ll tell him so, if I ever see him in person again.

Twitter: @IWashington

He defended his support for Trump on PBS in 2019.

Look at the woman of color to the right of Kelsey Grammer as she poetically rambles about why she thinks Donald Trump is good for America.


love connection presenter Chuck Woolery


Conor McGregor (even though he’s Irish lol)

In early 2020, he called Trump a “phenomenal president.”

@realDonaldTrump Phenomenal President. Quite possibly the US 🐐. Certainly one of them anyway, as he sits on the shoulders of many awesome giants who came before him. There are no easy feet. The early stages of the term too. Incredible. Congratulations and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day America 🇺🇸❤️🇮🇪


Previous entertainment tonight hostess Mary Hart


the oc star samaire armstrong

She captioned this photo from November 2020: “All my friends are MAGA.”


And last and most obvious, the duck dynasty Type

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