Ana Navarro tried IVF but waited too long to have children

Anna Navarro she is opening up about the reason she never had children.

The co-host of the view revealed on Wednesday’s episode of the ABC daytime show that she previously tried to have a baby through in vitro fertilization, but the procedure was unsuccessful.

“By the time I tried it, it was too late,” said Navarro, 50, who married her husband Al Cárdenas in 2019. “With IVF, Al and I tried it.”

“I always tell women who are career women who are trying to get into that space, ‘Look, if you can afford it, and that’s a big if, if you can afford it, you should freeze your eggs‘” he added. “Just because it leaves you with a level of choice.”

His revelation came during a candid discussion between the co-hosts. joy behar, sara haines, sunny accommodation Y Alyssa Farah Griffin about the expectations placed on women to have a baby within a certain period.

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Hostin, who is the mother of son Gabriel, 20, and daughter Paloma, 16, has spoken about her own struggles with IVF in the past. “I got married at 40, my husband was younger, and I had to go through round after round: five miscarriages to have two children,” Hostin, 54, recalled. “And we depleted our savings. It took us 10 years to get back to where we were before we wanted kids. That’s why they owe me everything!”

“The problem with infertility is that so many of us suffer in silence,” she continued. “I was blogging, I didn’t want to mention it to a lot of friends…it’s a very difficult thing, so I think women have to be very transparent with their experiences.”

She, like Navarro, praised the process of freezing the eggs, saying: “At 39, a woman’s eggs are like dust, they’re like scrambled. So, unless you’ve had the foresight, unless you’ve money, you can’t be so arrogant about having children.

But Haines, 45, pointed out some of the downsides of the procedure. “Freezing eggs and some of those options are also expensive and not available to most people, so the pressure remains on a lot of women,” said the driver, who shares a son. joseph caleb3, daughter sandra grace5 next month, and son alec richard6½, with her lawyer husband max shifrin. “I was able to get a powdered egg out at 41… but I think there’s pressure.”

“I love throwing milestones out the window. It’s nice to have a vision for your life, but it’s never going to look the way you planned it, for better or worse. Being responsible for your own milestones or those of others is always going to leave you disappointed.” she added, emphasizing that “we also need to embrace women who have decided they don’t want children. That’s not all they’re here for!”

Removing that pressure is something Farah Griffin hopes to experience in her own life.

“Everyone needs to be nicer to someone when they’re going through this,” the 33-year-old said. “I’m at that age where I’m just married, I’m 30, I’m going to get my eggs, but every time I call a family member, there’s an air of disappointment.”

Wednesday’s theme was inspired by Andrew Garfield’s. G.Q. cover, in which admitted feeling some guilt about not having children even before the age of 40.

In discussing his comments, Navarro pointed out how many men have babies on their own time frames, citing Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, who welcomed their second child at age 54.

“Don Limón keeps calling me and telling me: ‘Ana, let’s have a baby,’” Navarro said joking: “Mine aren’t even powdered, they’re fossilized. ‘I can’t give you an egg!’ ”

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Last to weigh in was Behar, 80, who is the mother of an adult daughter. “We’re in a huge baby boom in this world. We’re up to 8 billion people. A century and a half ago, it was a billion people,” she said, joking, “Calm down on the babies.”

the view airs Monday through Friday (11 a.m. ET) on ABC.

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