AO ArtBalls delivers record number of AO23 tickets and awards

Tennis Australia press release, November 24, 2022

Australian Open (AO) has announced an extensive rewards program for the owners of its hugely popular To Artball NFT. Developed Tennis Australia and Web3 studio run wildthe rewards program is one of the most generous on the blockchain and gives AO ArtBall owners an unprecedented number of tickets for tennis, sports broadcasts and entertainment happening both in the real and virtual world.

The Australian Open was the first grand slam enter the metaverse when 6,776 unique AO ArtBalls were minted in January 2022, making this award-winning project the first of its kind to include real-time match data.

Each AO ArtBall is associated with a 19 cm x 19 cm patch of tennis court surface, and if the winning throw in any of the AO22’s over 400 matches hit that patch, the NFT metadata was updated in real time to highlight the match information and the owner received such benefits like limited edition wearables.

As part of the AO ArtBall rewards program, each owner will be able to receive a couple of free Seven Day Pass in the second week of AO23. With 6,776 AO ArtBalls in circulation, this represents the largest ticket release for the AO membership program in the history of the event. Owners of more than one AO ​​ArtBall will be able to claim multiple pairs of ground passes depending on the number of balls they own, up to a maximum of 20 tickets.

Other benefits include access to other major international sporting events, Web3 conferences, AO backstage broadcasts, limited edition merchandise, and more.

“As one of the largest sports and entertainment events in the world, we are always exploring opportunities to innovate and we are excited about the additions planned for AO ArtBall 2023. We look forward to welcoming AO ArtBall owners to experience AO this summer.” said Cedric Corneliscommercial director of Tennis Australia.

“Last year we set a new precedent at the intersection of technology, art, tennis and live data. This year, we’re breaking new ground by offering all owners a deeper fan experience. We switched gears to create a sustainable membership platform for the future.” said Adam De Catafounder of Run it Wild and CEO of NFT Tech.

“AO ArtBalls offers new ways to experience the sport and keep fans connected to the game after 14 days of the tournament. We offer fans a truly unique experience and create memories for a lifetime.” said Ridley PlummerSenior Manager of Metaverse, NFT, Web3 and Cryptocurrency Tennis Australia.

“We do not believe that any other NFT project offers Grand Slam tickets and a range of perks of this magnitude to all owners. As an established project, in constant dialogue with our community, we are optimistic about the next chapter and remain committed to announcing more exciting initiatives for our contributors.”

Fans who missed out on purchasing the AO22 ArtBall NFT will have the opportunity to become an owner and take advantage of the next round of the exclusive rewards program when AO23 ArtBalls are released prior to the start of the tournament. Investors wishing to take advantage of this reward round can try to purchase AO22 ArtBall from a secondary market such as Opensea using a digital wallet.

Advantages of AO22 Artball holders:

  • AO ArtBall Ground Pass – A pair of free seven-day ground passes for the final week of AO23 for each AO ArtBall.
  • United Cup – ArtBall owners will have access to selected United Cup matches in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The United Cup is the first mixed-team, equal-scoring, equal-paying competition running from December 29 to January 8.
  • Artball Supersite – ArtBall Supersight is an exclusive streaming and viewing toolkit designed to enhance the fan experience, including player cameras, a 3D stats browser, and personalized AO match reviews. With access to ArtBall Supersight, all owners will have private access to AO23 from anywhere in the world.
  • Enhanced Match Point Experience – Before AO23, each AO ArtBall will be re-rolled to determine its position on the court. Depending on the results of the random draw, owners of less desirable areas, such as center court, will have the opportunity to earn Match Points and take advantage of their new area during AO23.
  • AO Academy “AO Academy is here to help fans navigate the exciting new world of Web3. It offers a wide list of tickets to conferences, meetings and networking events, and in 2023 will also include a starter membership to the Collective Shift crypto education platform.

To learn more about AO ArtBalls and the rewards program, visit the official Web site.

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