Bengals flip Steelers with onslaught in second half

PITTSBURGH. Joe Burrow gave Steelers rookie Kenny Pickett an NFL quarterback clinic on Sunday when he beat the Steelers for four touchdowns and 355 yards in a 37-30 win that gave the Bengals their sixth win in their last eight games.

The Bengals also got a monster game from wide receiver Tee Higgins (nine catches for a season-high 148 yards) and three touchdown catches from running back Samaje Perin when he interfered after Joe Mixon left the game with a concussion. Cincinnati also received support from a second-half choke defense that held Pittsburgh for less than 70 yards after the break before touching down in trash time as Trey Hendrickson scored two sacks after he briefly left in the first half with a knee injury. . .

The Bengals went 6–4 to stay in the game behind the top seed Ravens with their first win of the season at AFC North.

The Steelers’ final-minute score really closed the gap to 37-30, and it all came down to who else would land the side kick with 44 seconds left?

Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd.

Boyd waited for the perfect moment to return to his hometown and make his first two catches of the day for 42 yards as the game went under eight minutes with the Bengals leading by four. The 93-yard drive, spiced up with Perin’s third six-yard touchdown of the day at 4:30, took just over five minutes to give them a 34-23 lead. Steelers linebacker Miles Jack slipped into view and Perin made him pay.

At the start of the third quarter, Bengals player Drew Crisman, in his first NFL game, hit a 57-yard throw that flipped the field as the Steelers pinned them 9. In the middle of the field on third and fifth, he leaned back and sifted a 33-yard bomb in Higgins inside the Steelers 10, and when Burrow found wide receiver Trenton Irvine in the back of the end zone for his first NFL touchdown, the Bengals had a 24-20 lead with 7:02 left in the third quarter.

The Bengals’ defense reversed itself in the first half, throwing four outs early in the second half, and their most impressive run came in the latter, when Pittsburgh beat Burrow for the second time that day in another incredible play by the team’s defenseman. Year T.J. Watt. A replica of his pick on Burrow’s opening day, Watt, when he was blocked by right tackle Lael Collins, reached out and pulled him out in Game 21 of the Bengals.

(It was Burrow’s eighth pick of the season and Pittsburgh’s sixth pick.)

But the Bengals only allowed a field goal to maintain a 24-23 lead.

Despite missing Mixon from the start of the second quarter with a concussion (he had seven carries for 20 yards when he left), the Bengals took a 27-23 lead early in the fourth quarter behind Higgins and Perina. those three TD catches that set the record for Bengals runners in the game. Higgins’ 15-yard crossover shot set up Evan McPherson’s 54-yard bomb that gave them a 27-23 lead with 31 seconds left in the third quarter.

The Bengalis went on as usual, they led 17-10, and the rest of the half left 6:38. Barrow fired it up again with two touchdown passes, both to Perina.

But the Bengals’ defense let the Steelers off the hook on the next drive. On one successful third down, cornerback Tre Flowers was called out for holding tight end Pat Freiermuth, and on another occasion, slot cornerback Mike Hilton was called out for interfering with rookie wide receiver George Pickens.

The Steelers offense ranked 26th on their third loss and no touchdowns longer than eight yards, averaging 13 points per game under Pickett and not scoring 20 points in the main season all season.

But that all changed in the first half, when the Steelers faked five of seven third down attempts in the half, including Pickett’s 17-17 tying touchdown with 1:47 left in the half on a 24-yard pass to Pickens against a blitz at third and ninth. . It looked like there was confusion on the line of scrimmage between the defending defenders as Pickens lined up and was practically undefended.

Burrow, with a near-perfect passer rating of 155, was very good and the Bengals looked to score when they got the ball back. He had 2nd and 10th off the Steelers 47 with 35 seconds left, but linebacker Robert Spilein turned, deflected the pass and the ball was batted by cornerback Levi Wallace at the Steelers 34, and that was it. Picket needs.

He went four of four with two big shots to Freiermuth, one from a 27-yard missed tackle by rookie defenseman Cam Taylor-Britt and other Bengali defenders. This secured Matthew Wright’s scoring shot at 20-17 at halftime.

With Burrow receiving his 10,000th passing yard in the first half (making him the third fastest passing yard in history), the Bengals took a 10-3 lead late in the first quarter thanks to Burrow’s 29-yard touchdown on the second and ninth screens. go to Perina. Wide receivers Stanley Morgan and Trenton Irvin checked the play after they came out with six linemen and both got big blocks downfield, as did left-back Cordell Wolson.

The Bengals took a 17–10 lead when Higgins made four catches for 55 yards per drive. Burrow scored seven of seven, and Higgins’ first goal with 11 minutes left in the second quarter was his biggest. On the third and fourth, Burrow saw Higgins work one-on-one down center with defenseman Terrell Edmunds and he passed for 24 yards.

It was the final third of the loss when Burrow (he wasn’t fired in the half after the Steelers hit him seven times in Collins’ opener and John Williams’ left tackle strengthened) rebounded into the pocket, finding Higgins in zones and one. – by one, but it was his 11-yard pass to Perin from the right touchline that brought the score, as he caused the defender to miss.

The Steelers tied the game at 10 and the Bengals momentarily lost to Hendrickson on the right with a left knee injury. Pickett went for a left wing a few games after three and three, and when Sam Hubbard crashed at the zone read at the end, Pickett pulled him out and ran for 14 yards. Pickett then went behind the left edge, where Cam Sample played Hendrickson, and the Steelers’ dormant running game was woken up as running back Naji Harris had the Steelers’ longest game of the season on a 19-yard run, which he completed by overcoming a loose safety. Jesse Bates III.

Chrisman’s first punt flew 62 yards in the opening moments of the game and nearly turned into a safety when wide receiver Steven Sims missed it and had to track him into his end zone before returning to his five. In the three-and-out game that followed (highlighted by linebacker Germaine Pratt throwing stones at running back Naji Harris), the Bengals got the ball in their 43s and immediately got the ball on the Steelers at 36 when tight end Hayden Hurst burned linebacker Miles Jack to a 21-yard Slope. They eventually settled on Evan McPherson’s 45-yard field goal, which was the first score of the game.

The Bengals defense had the final say, holding Pickett to 25 of 42 passes for 265 yards.

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