Can the Cowboys finish off the undefeated Eagles in 2022?

The Dallas Cowboys have completed their farewell week and face the Green Bay Packers this weekend. The NFC North team looks to be in worse shape compared to previous years. So this will be a great opportunity for Dallas to keep a positive record at Lambo Field. However, there is one more unfinished business and that is their divisional rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Between games in Week 9, the Road Eagles defeated the Texans in a 14-point game before halftime. However, the NFC East team again got another positive and they were left with a 29:17 win.

Thanks to that 8-0 record and the fact that the schedule is very easy for Philadelphia, there are those who say they could finish with a 17-0 record going into the postseason. If it did, it would be the third time in NFL history that something like this could happen. The first team to do this would be the Miami Dolphins in 1972, and then the New England Patriots would do it again in 2007. Unlike the latter, Miami did indeed win Super Bowl VII against Washington.

Coming back to the Eagles, although the simplicity of the calendar was mentioned, another factor to consider is rival quarterbacks. With Aaron Rodgers looking really bad against the Lions last weekend, he’s no longer seen as a regular threat. Perhaps the only ones who can really give Philadelphia a fight are rivals from the same division. Especially Daniel Jones and Dak Prescott. It should not be forgotten that in the specific case with the giants, they have not yet seen action against each other, although they are largely dependent on the current game, and this can affect. While in Dallas, they will face each other on December 24 at AT&T Stadium.

Of course, there is one particular detail that could affect the duel of the Cowboys at home. And that’s the fact that Duck Precott will be back. Let’s not forget that the Cowboys’ loss in Week 6, 26-17, had a lot to do with backup quarterback Cooper Rush. In a fight in which Philadelphia completely dominated the second quarter, Dallas was waiting for the result after the break. The defense did a great job, but Rush’s three interceptions did the trick.

This is where Dak Prescott comes in. As a franchise quarterback, he has noticed that since his return, he has become a better offensive player. With strong results against the Lions and Bears and expecting him to do the same in Week 10 against the Packers. Of course, a lot can happen between today and that duel on December 24th. But the Cowboys will at least look for a spot for the wild. If not for luck, Philadelphia began to lose its level in the second leg of the season.

Another detail to consider could be Tony Pollard’s staging of this accident. In Week 6, he was limited to 11 carries for 44 yards. But after playing against the Bears, the boy can probably give a lot more. From now on, everything will clearly depend on offensive driving. Although the organization has made it clear that they are happy with both Elliott and Pollard and that they will continue to maintain a balance between the two.

This duel is still a few weeks away, and it is clear that anything can happen in that time. However, Dallas looks like the only team capable of beating the undefeated Philadelphia. If so, it will surely go down in the NFL history books.

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