Hilary Swank shows off her spacious home in the Colorado mountains

Hilary SwankThe Colorado mountain home is her “happiest place.”

“I’ve been looking for land since I was in my twenties,” said the 48-year-old Oscar-winning actress. archdigest.com in an article published Tuesday. “I think nature is my happiest place, and animals are my other happiest place. And being with both is all me.”

She added that once she and her husband, Philip Schneiderdiscovered the land in 2016, didn’t want to call anywhere else home and officially broke ground two years later, moving in August 2020.

“We found this 168-acre piece of land that was just magical,” said the The hunt star. “She just called us and we couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was great that we were in the middle of nature. We can’t see our neighbors, no one for miles, we just had [it all] just there.”

Julie Soefer for Architectural Digest

One bonus is that she and Schneider’s five rescue dogs can run around the property and enjoy it as much as the couple. Her family will expand even further, as she revealed last month that she is pregnant with twins

From having the ability to grow your own food to the large windows that offer a glimpse of nature’s stunning backdrop, Swank’s home is everything you could want.

“We felt it was really important to use the materials from the earth and be as sustainable as possible,” Swank said of the house. “[We got into] the ground, and [found] all this rock I mean, people pay thousands of dollars for this stone. And we thought, Hey, let’s use this.”

Nearby masonry may have used the rock to build stone walls, which are seen inside and outside the house.

Swank added: “They took each stone and put it on a wooden stump and [chiseled] so that it fits into the next rock, and the next rock, and the next rock. Having his energy on that rock as the foundation of the house is a really beautiful feeling.”

The house also offers sustainability through its outdoor garden, which is housed within a growing dome.

“We were thinking, how do we make a garden on this land and actually make a living from it?” Swank said. “We found that a grow dome was the best way to grow fruits and vegetables because it’s a small, self-sustaining ecosystem.”

The actress also revealed how her childhood served as the inspiration for the large windows in her home.

“Growing up in a trailer park the way I did, one of the biggest things for me is light. I have to be in the light,” Swank said. “The windows were custom made for the house. That was another expense that we really made because we wanted to see the view without interruption. It’s our work of art.

He added: “We see the sunrise and it’s downright magical. But I think it’s sunset in the summer, when all the windows are open and you really get that feeling of being in and out of nature,[that] it’s magic.”

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The lighting is also special at the rear of the home, highlighting one of the property’s many fireplaces and a patio, something designer Mark Zeff, who has given his attention to four of Swank’s homes, tells to archdigest.com which is rare for a property in the mountains.

The kitchen and formal dining room also have their own fireplaces, with the main fireplace located in the living room area.

“We didn’t want it to feel like a log cabin,” Swank shared. “We wanted it to be light and livable.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Zeff said: “In a way, it was about creating a prairie house that used materials that would camouflage it into the dirt. So when you look at the house from three miles away, [don’t] Say, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s a big thing coming out of the ground.'”

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Along with lighting, Swank also brought a piece of his childhood into his home through the woodwork he features.

“I love all wood,” he said. “It’s reclaimed barn wood and it comes from Washington state, which is where I’m from. It brings a piece of that home to this home.”

Read the full feature and see more photos at archdigest.com.

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