Hoda Kotb Just Opened Up About Finding Love Again After Joel Schiffman Split: “Sometimes I Can Feel It”

Hoda Kotb just opened up about her romantic life and tells This day co-star Jenna Bush Hager that she’s so optimistic about finding love again following her split from fiancé Joel Schiffman earlier this year, adding that sometimes she can “feel” her future partner!

Hota Kotb says she can ‘feel’ her future partner after Joel Schiffman split

the 58 years This day co-host made the confession in the episode of Tuesday, November 15, Today with Hoda and Jenna while talking about a recent conversation he had with his sister. “For everyone who is at a stage in their life where they may or may not be with a partner. My sister once said to me: ‘Are you afraid of being alone?’ And I know this is very weird, but I told her, ‘I’m not going to be alone,’” she explained.

“Like, actually I know, as sure as I’m sitting next to you at this desk. I have two beautiful daughters that I am crazy about, obviously,” she continued, referring to the two daughters he shares with Schiffman, Haley Joy, 5, and Hope Catherine, 3. “But I know for sure, and knowing that is a very strange feeling. Like, sometimes I can feel it, but I don’t see what it looks like, but I feel like it will happen. So if someone says, ‘Maybe you’ll meet someone at Christmas…’ Maybe! I’m not on the hunt, but I have a weird spider-sense about it.” Wow!

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Hoda reveals who she has a crush on

We wonder if Hoda’s potential new boyfriend will look like a certain late actor, as she confessed to Jenna that she had a huge crush on him. “You know who I thought he was hot? He died, sorry, a while ago. Brian Dennehy,” Hoda confessed. “There was something about him. He had this whole tough police officer quality. Like, there was something about him. He was big, but he was hot.”

His 40-year-old co-host, who I recently got the green light from Hoda herself to find someone to match her up with, she instantly started asking questions. “Is that what I should be looking for when I’m trying to set him up? I’ve got to do a little Google this afternoon,” she said. Jenna clearly takes her matchmaking duties very seriously!

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Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman split in 2022

We’re glad to see that Hoda is open to finding love again after her split from the 64-year-old financier, whom she was with for eight years! They got engaged in November 2019 and announced their separation in January 2022, after eagle eyes This day viewers noted that Hoda was no longer wearing her engagement ring.

“Joel and I have had many meaningful and prayerful conversations over the holidays and decided that we are better as friends and parents than as an engaged couple,” she revealed in Today with Hoda and Jenna in January. “So we decided that we are going to start this new year… on our new path as loving parents of our lovely and lovely children, and as friends.” And they seem to have been true to his word, as they’ve apparently handled co-parenting like pros, with Hoda even praising Joel on Father’s Day via social media.

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Hoda details ‘New Chapter’

Hoda isn’t just (potentially) moving on with her romantic life, as she also recently detailed an exciting new chapter in her daughter Haley Joy’s life! During Hoda and Jenna’s recent interview with PeopleHoda confirmed that her eldest daughter had reached a new milestone and she couldn’t wait to share it.

“Haley will now be wearing underwear and not pull-ups, so yesterday was the last day, and I said, ‘These are your last pull-ups.’ So as she was putting them on, I was like, ‘Wow. I remember your first diaper,'” she recalled. “I was putting these Moana diapers on him and I was like, ‘OMG.’ Everything changes. You blink and they’re 6,” she added.

“I told him, ‘I remember what it felt like to try to put it on your little body.'” And now we say this will be the last time we’ll do this,” Hoda continued, before saying she didn’t want to make it “a sad moment”, for which Jenna praised her friend! “I started to feel some feelings of melancholy, I said, ‘Guess what? Tomorrow is a new chapter. Everything will be completely new. Here we go,'” she added, while Jenna said she admired how her friend always saw “the world as beautiful and magical.”

“Hoda, and I learn a lot from her in this, and I tell my husband constantly, he sees the world as beautiful and magical,” Jenna said. “She sees something as simple as no more diapers as a miracle. And I think it’s all about how you see things.”

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