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These changes to the laws didn’t make headlines, but they could still impact your weekly club game. Steve Carroll will walk you through

You’re all crazy about the changes in Stableford penaltyrestrictions on standing behind your partnerand what if your the ball hit the insect on the putting green.

But while they were one of the key headings contained in the new 2023 Rules of Golf, effective January 1, they were not the only changes.

The R&A and USGA have announced more than 40 “result changes” between the 2019 and 2023 rules, and not all of them are immediately obvious.

However, this does not mean that they will not affect the weekly games you play in your clubs.

So let’s take a look at five other new rules features to know before the New Year rolls around…

Striking a Wrongly Placed Ball

Previously, you received a general penalty (two shots in stroke play and loss of hole in match game) for this mistake in Rule 6.3b. This penalty has now been reduced to one hit.

You cannot put any items to show the line of play

In addition to the putting green, an object could be placed to show the line of play if it was removed before the stroke was made.

This is now prohibited by Rule 10.2b(1) and (2). Regardless of the area of ​​the field, a player “is not allowed to place an object to show the line of play”.

You will receive a total penalty of two shots or loss of a hole in match play if you do so.

ball cleaning

You knew you could hit a legally lifted ball off the putting green. You knew you could always clean the ball if it was picked up from somewhere else, except when it was to see if it was cut or cracked to identify it (only clean as needed) , because he interfered with the game, or to see if it was in a position when the relief was allowed.

The old Rule 14.1c stated that a player who lifts a cleared ball when not allowed receives one free stroke.

But some astute minds have asked this question: can you clean out a ball that hasn’t been lifted?

Rules leaders decided it was not clear enough whether this resulted in a penalty and under what rule.

So they rewrote 14.1c slightly to say that “if a player clears a ball when not permitted by this Rule, he receives one penalty stroke and must return the ball if it was lifted.”

2023 Golf Rule Changes

Protection of young trees

Most clubs use the Model Local Rule to protect young trees from damage. This allows committees to declare them no-play areas and force players to take relief using Rule 16.1f.

This is still in effect in the new local rule, which also gives committees the ability to flag a set of trees as a no-play zone or define young trees as an abnormal course condition.

What’s the difference, you ask? If such trees are an abnormal field condition and not a no play zone, then you have the choice of whether you want to take relief or not. You are not required to do so and can play as is.

Think the land is under renovation. You will probably accept free relief, but you don’t always have to. If your club makes this change, as set out in Model Local Rule E-10.2, the power is in your hands.

Built-in ball relief

Here is an interesting innovation in winter. Under Law 16, you are only allowed to take relief from a buried ball when your ball is in the common area.

The starting point for taking relief is immediately after the spot where the ball was stuck. While everything is clear?

Okay, what if this place is not in the common area? What do you do then? There was no requirement in the 2019 Rules for this control point to be in the common area. In a summary document revealing key 2023 changes, the R&A and USGA stated that “in some situations, assistance is not available if no part of the assistance area is in the common area.”

This has been redefined in a new clarification of the built-in ball rule. It says that the datum must be in the common area, and if the datum is not immediately behind the ball, you must find the nearest datum (no closer to the hole) that is and use that as the datum.

The clarification adds that while the spot is usually very close to where the ball was stuck, “it could be some distance away.”

You might think this will never happen, but it’s good to know that the same procedure also applies when the ball hits a wall or face directly over the bunker, and when the ball is inbounds but “sticks right next to the outbounds” . “.

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Learn more about the 2023 Rules of Golf update.

We’ve painstakingly reviewed each update to make sure you have everything you need to know about the biggest changes, from penalties at Stableford, card handicaps, laning relief and much, much more.

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