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In God of War Ragnarok, one of the equippable relics you can find is a mystical relic, which seems to serve no purpose. This page contains information on how to find the mystical relic and how to unlock its power by using it to summon certain encounters.

Warning: This page contains certain spoilers for areas and abilities later in the game, if you want to avoid spoilers, please return after completing the Forging Destiny chapter.


Once you’ve completed Chapter 10: Forging Fate, and have unlocked a new path-opening item, return to Midgard’s Lake of Nine and travel south of the Temple of Tyr along a large icy wall above the path. to The Lost Treasure.

Look for a yellow vent on an ice block denoting a destructible environment, throw your new tool at the ice block and detonate it to open a path into a small crack.

After destroying the ice block, look in the crack to the left and you will find the body of a dwarf along with a mysterious relic and a Lore scroll.


Unlike other relics you find in God of War Ragnarok, Mystical Heirloom says that it “seems important, but has no practical application in combat.” In fact, using it will cause Kratos to slam the device on his wrist with seemingly no effect, and its short 16 second cooldown allows it to be used frequently.

Considering that the relic’s info says that it “awakens something dormant”, you may notice that the nearby Scroll of Wisdom mentions purchasing the relic from an “Avliss Stonefoot”. You may very well have seen that name before, as an integral part of the Mystical Heirloom’s purpose.

In the different realms of Midgard, you can find different large and realistic statues of Trolls with their giant pillar-like weapons, most of which stand near a Lore Marker. These Lore Markers actually describe the Troll in question and mention that Alviss Stonefoot himself imprisoned him and “put him to sleep”.

By putting them together, one can use Mystical Heirloom to reawaken these sleeping Trolls and face them off as mini-boss fights! They can be challenging and reminiscent of the many troll fights in the previous God of War game. Defeating them will also grant you Slumber Stones, a unique resource found only on these enemies that will unlock a crafting job to create the Steinbjorn armor at any dwarf shop. This armor is an extremely powerful defensive set, as it allows you to stun enemies and heal yourself when you take damage.

Below you will find the locations of all the enemies you can awaken using Mystical Heirloom.


blood stone

  • Location: The Abandoned Outpost, Midgard

The closest Troll to awaken from where you find the mystical relic, simply travel west to the edge of the Lake of Nine to reach the Abandoned Outpost. You will find a giant troll statue waiting as you cross the first gap after going up to enter the ruins.

In addition to dropping the Slumber Stone, it will also drop the Poison Protector enchantment, which can be a great help against Seidr or poisonous mini-bosses.

Bjarg Storm


  • Location: Forbidden Sands, Alfheim

This Troll can be found in the far northwest of the Forbidden Sands of Alfheim, but can only be reached once you have cleared the sandstorm by freeing Hafgufa from his prison. He is surrounded by elf bodies on all sides and, like other trolls, he will try to blind you with summoned ashes and rocks.

In addition to dropping the Slumber Stone, it will also drop the Stone Idol of Souls Enchantment, which adds health and rage steal effects to your attacks after using Healthstone or Ragestone.

Golrab of Ashes and Frost

  • Location: Noatun Garden, Vanaheim

Not one, but two Sleeping Trolls await you on the East River Path along the river delta, east of Cliffside Ruins and Pilgrim’s Landing in Noatun’s Garden (which you must clear of poison-spreading hazards first). Fighting two trolls will be quite a challenge, as in addition to trying to blind you, one will be imbued with frost and the other with flame, and trying to use a weapon with the same effect will be negated and hit with a frostbite. or recording status.


Defeating them both will yield more Slumber Stone, as well as the powerful Momentous Stride Enchantment, which will boost your Permafrost, Immolation, and Malestrom gauges when you dodge at the last moment.

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