Common Negative Opinions From Personal Injury Lawyers

There are countless occupations performing every kind of service imaginable. While some of these careers may be better known than others, all Be labeled with certain social concepts and labels. For example, schoolteachers are considered noble, firefighters are heroic, and scientists are intelligent. However, people perceive one profession very differently than others. People refer to this particular field of work in a number of ways—none of which are flattering. You’ve heard them called greedy, vile, or even bloodsucking. Yes, we are talking about personal injury lawyers.

Some people think waste management is bad and garbage workers are dirty. Still, most agree that they provide a valuable service, and while it’s not a satisfying job, it’s respectable. Personal injury lawyers, on the other hand, were generally shocked. Even other types of lawyers turn their nose up at injury lawyers. It’s odd that anyone who can tell you how they despise the accident law profession can rarely tell you why; even fewer can speak from personal experience. The source of this wave of discontent is anyone’s guess. So why does the world love to hate personal injury lawyers?

Often, people think of injury lawyers as these hovering vultures waiting for an accident to happen, and when it does, they swoop in innocently for a quick buck. At least, it’s a gross distortion of reality. It is a crime to suggest that accident lawyers want people to be harmed or to take advantage of another’s misfortune. Whereas, injury lawyers do make a living getting people injured, but so do many professions. For example, doctors get paid when their patients get sick; police officers get paid when they commit crimes; but doctors and police officers are not considered to profit from the misfortune of others.

think about it. It is a fact of life that people get hurt. No matter how safe a place is, injuries are inevitable. In a just society, if someone is harmed, the responsible party is responsible for the damage caused by the victim. All a personal injury lawyer does is help victims navigate the justice system so they can claim the compensation they are legally entitled to.

Most harm skeptics accept the above statement: Victims deserve justice, and lawyers are necessary to help them achieve justice. Suspicion remained, however, as they gaped at the exorbitant sums awarded in the settlement and judgment. Critics are wrong because it is not lawyers, judges, or even politicians who are in charge of assessing the dollar value of harm — it is a jury of American citizens. Trials by jury are the cornerstone of our legal system and one of the few elements that make the justice system work well. An attack on the verdict is thus not only an attack on the cherished ideals of American justice, but also a form of self-inflicted wounding on the attackers themselves—and the blame rests on the scapegoat.

Still, despite acknowledging that the victims deserved justice and that the verdict was fair, there were many criticisms. At issue is the disproportionate share of personal injury attorneys in victim compensation awards. In some cases, millions of dollars are at stake, and lawyers seem to be getting more than most. But in fact, it’s not. It’s important to remember that in the vast majority of injury cases, the defendant is a multinational insurance company with virtually unlimited resources and the best lawyers money can buy. Dealing with such a match in court is no easy task. Handling a major case can take years, and when the resources involved are considered, lawyers are paid fairly when all is said and done.

All in all, personal injury lawyers provide society with an invaluable service, and it’s time for them to earn a little respect. Unfortunately, they always seem to be a profession that society loves to hate.

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