What to do after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries and heightened emotions. You may find yourself in an emotionally unstable state, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s. It’s important to stay calm and take the right steps after an accident because when you end up filing an insurance claim or any other legal dispute, your actions could have significant consequences. The actions you take immediately at the scene of an accident and what you do afterward are key.

We’ll discuss some guidelines on what to do after a motorcycle accident.

Check if the party is OK

First, check yourself and others for injuries. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately. Asking for help does not make you responsible. If everyone is safe, turn off the engine and turn on the hazard lights.


Taking photos of the accident scene is important, but you need to make sure it’s safe to do so. If you’re not injured, you can use your phone or camera and try to make sure you take pictures from different angles. You may also want to take photos of your surroundings, as this will help prove your case. You can also take a video of the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

Call the police

After a motorcycle accident, call the police if:

  • Another driver fled the scene without giving any details

  • You think the other driver is drunk or uninsured

  • If you suspect another driver intentionally caused an accident

  • someone was seriously injured

You can discuss the accident with the police officer assigned to investigate the accident. During this discussion, please do not take responsibility. Most importantly, do not make any statements without first getting in touch with your attorney. Your attorney will then guide you on the steps to take.

Get a witness statement

A witness statement can help you prove your claim and paint a picture of a motorcycle accident. Make sure to obtain the contact details of several people who witnessed the motorcycle accident before leaving the scene. If you can, write an eyewitness account of the accident detailing everything they observed.

You may also want to record the following information at the accident scene:

  • The make, model and license plate of the motorcycle/car involved in the accident

  • The time and date of the accident

  • Driving conditions such as road quality, weather and lighting

  • injured party

  • If you are the only person involved in a car accident that damages private property, leave a note where the car owner can see it. If your license plate is later caught on camera, you could be in serious trouble.

contact a lawyer

You’ll need the help of an attorney, preferably one who specializes in motorcycle accident cases. Call a lawyer if:

  • You have been wrongly blamed for causing the accident

  • You are injured or responsible for related expenses in a motorcycle accident

  • Insurance company refuses to pay

notify the insurance company

Get in touch with your insurance company. They will ask for some information, including:

  • Your policy number, motorcycle registration number

  • your motorcycle insurance details and

  • Details of other drivers/cyclists involved where applicable

Above are some helpful tips on what to do after a motorcycle accident. Ride safe!

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