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It is difficult to obtain long-term Executive Protection (EP) contracts as an individual operator. However, starting an EP company is not difficult. If you have the background, training and knowledge, then you can start an EP company – one that is fully committed to providing the best possible protection for your clients. Before deciding to venture out on your own, here are some great tips for getting started:

• Get the proper licenses to start an EP company in your state.

• Choose a unique name for your record label, free of trademarks or copyrights.

• Obtain a business license or corporate entity.

• Go to a bank and open a business bank account (savings and checking).

• Obtain a business card with your EP company name and your name and title (General Manager).

• Funds in the bank to pay for your EP distribution until reimbursed by the client. You have initially paid for the day-to-day costs of your mission; this includes airfare, hotels, meals and transportation.

• If you are just starting out, or an experienced EP professional; you must have an EP contract. Your EP contract protects you and your company from fraud. Hire an attorney specialized in developing a professional and legal EP contract for your company.

• It is not uncommon to be reimbursed $5,000 in expenses when staying at a five-star hotel and being forced to eat expensive food at the hotel restaurant with clients. Not to mention flying business class when traveling with clients. You must be able to pay all these fees by cash or credit card.

• Congratulations, you are now the owner of your own EP company. Now is the time to create your own success as an EP company business owner.

You must be willing to put in the work to produce, promote, market and sell your EP services. The industry is highly competitive, so you need to deliver great service too. When you first start, you need to take on as many missions as possible in as many different places (different cities and countries) as possible. Ultimately, you can be more selective about which clients you work with and in which geographies. Just assign your other agents to work with those clients and at those locations you choose not to, but that should happen later.

To get started, you can’t miss out on EP assignment opportunities working with various clients and locations, gaining extra work experience and funding for your EP business. While the EP business isn’t all about the money, you have to be willing to put yourself at risk as a last resort to protect your clients. However, making a living as the owner of your own EP company should eventually allow you to afford to do what I love, executive protection, without worrying about money.

Good owners of EP companies will get EP contracts. You may have to go through several different contract interviews before you get an assignment, but if you do enough interviews, you will eventually get a contract with an EP company. Don’t accept “no” as an answer; don’t let one company’s “no” ruin your chances of getting a contract from another company. Potential clients will sometimes say “no” to your contract proposal. You just have to find customers who say yes.

Remember, the EP business is highly competitive and you need to believe in yourself and the coverage you offer. This of course includes establishing secure accommodation at the airport for clients, VIP or fast track immigration and customs services, providing secure transportation for clients so they can attend their scheduled business meetings and events quickly and safely. Make sure beforehand that the route has been analyzed and venue destinations assessed, and that safe shelters have been established in case excrement comes into physical contact with fans.

More information about the business cannot be covered in this short article, but these are absolutely necessary. Good luck with your EP business ventures and God’s Speed.

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