Hyperborean Mythos, The Lost Book of Islam

I first read about it in an antiquities magazine, the strange “Book of Darkness”, supposedly a draft of the first Qur’an, before it was collated sometime in the mid-7th century, but others have been called now, he One of the oddities of the eccentric clergy of the age has caught my attention. Apparently he lived a strange life and died in horrific and mysterious ways, he was the scribe of the so called “Lost Book of the Dark Book of Islam” and since we don’t have his name we shall call him “The Scribe” in capital letters It is a miracle that I was lucky enough to have access to this unnamed scribe, the scribe, to find the original editor of this so-called “Lost Book of Darkness…”. As far as I know, there are only six such The book existed, and as for the scribe, he wrote the original (with marginal notes, which are most important for discoveries), and soon his harassment and doom took over the scribe, – vanished into the distant past; collector of rare literature Attempts to hide their copies, mainly nameless cults and re-edited notes, and other erroneous translations, all of this. Eventually, all but one original was destroyed, and that was the copy of the scribe. Elaborately unreported Abridged editions were stored in Syria for 1400 years. The one I stumbled across was unabridged, with a heavy leather cover and rusty iron clasp. Not many people owned the book, all others were held by Muhammad Burned to ashes by his elite followers, after his death this hidden copy was preserved for posterity with its precious notes (570-632 AD)

The guardian of the scroll, spent his whole life, his whole life, delving into the taboos in this book, and entered the countless secrets of this inscrutable note, its original manuscript notes, which no one has ever read in its entirety The notes are clear, but the keeper and I are centuries old. When I read them it was startling, but clear in describing how it was put together, written and by whom. Reading of its construction raises uneasy speculations, what was it that the scribes were afraid of? For example, what unknown contents were contained in those obscure notes, the scribe who wrote the complete history of the forbidden book in unpublished manuscripts, who constantly studied his notes, explaining which ferns were on the locked floor A room full of notes and bolts, and he would be found dead in that room, with some demonic claw finger marks around his throat. Some things will never be known, but putting the pieces together and reading what he wrote, carefully preserving the burnt parts—turned purple-brown, tightly bound together, uncovering the dispatched Names of cronies, only to figure out the scribe: the content of this unpublished book sounds like a raging demon, in a way, the untended garden behind the dark house, so I’ll read some of it .

I will explain it in the voice of the scribe, as if leaving to the author a terrible memory, this dark thing, as he wrote these notes day after day: “In writing the outline of the Qur’an, Agaliarept was assigned by Iblis The task is not only to spy on me, but also to guide me in almost every detail, and what not to say, write or think (even think), Iblis told him to let me use the name Gabriel, as a messenger of God, instead of cronies mediator. He came menacingly, and the scribe mused in this dark legend, what should he do? Hide those notes, or destroy them? Still told to write the name of the archangel as God’s voice to Muhammad. And call God, Allah. But who is Allah, Agalia Rapter, follower of hell, lord of the five legions, said to the scribe: “Allah is Baal. ’ He was then told to establish a connection with Abraham—however, however possible—(thus the line runs between Abraham’s handmaid and her son, who is also Abraham’s son, and the illegitimate child might say . . . this is Controversial!); if anyone in this new religion panders to people like him, then make Christ the unforgivable sin in Chapter 1! and Mary of Jesus, making her impure enough to deny the Virgin Mary Original Sin. It looks like the lost and forgotten book, and it represents one of Lucifer’s mockery of Almighty God, and in order to get God, Satan knows he has to use man as his instrument, his vessel, because it is through Man, he lost his position, and he blamed the unforgiveness of the Most High! For can a fly beat an eagle? Can an eagle bother a fly? For Baal, dating back about 9,000 years, he was a God who does not do, as Allah, without a visible miracle to justify himself worthy of the title “God”, will be used as the prototype of Allah (for Allah, he will not be like the gods of Judaism or God of Christianity, he’ll be like Baal; never mind that in the end, when Baal’s last words sounded at the end, all that’s left is an empty tomb that needs to be filled with the raised hands of Lucifer, his followers of Islam… …).

I was disappointed to find that the scribes saw Allah as an artifact, relatively ancient as Jericho, who or they were nothing more than some kind of monolith, an insignificant stone statue equal to an arch or an obelisk. But what an ominous name it bears, with sullen angry tides, forsaken mystical clouds, tempests, and witchcraft.

It’s a very old suggestion to me, very interesting, and the curator of the book – I stayed with him for a few days – put the book outside, exposed, and the rain came, When I woke up one morning in order to reproduce the book by photographing it, it had been eaten by rats and moldy: for centuries, without the protection of the guardian, he stood next to the book, just Like an impenetrable fortress, saying, “I’ve got to keep the world safe from this horrible story you’re about to tell them, and they’re going to miss reading books, reading notes,” and just like that, his mood grew darker.

Although I learned very little from it, I learned that the Arabic verb is to submit to the will of Allah, and Islam comes from the present participle of the same verb (Baal’s will is the will of Agaliarept and his master). One could say that muslims have misconceptions about christians but that could be wrong as the quran teaches them to keep a closed mind in this matter and argue with influential christianity instead of questioning their own religion , but to have Christianity instead, ask his (thus, what is good for the geese is bad for the ganders: figuratively speaking, they live on one-way streets! Is it because of the fear that they might wake up from their stupor?); just as in brainwashing.

These supernatural revelations Muhammad received, whatever they may be, he himself may have been deceived by old Nick, as he himself once pointed out; Has obvious religious inclinations. So not too different from Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, he created his own with the help of a glamorous and elegant mistress and followers with strict, disciplined, muscular bodies. religion.

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Note: In The Black Book of Islam, the author has no intention of bashing Islam or Muslims, but he feels that the truth always has a side effect on the reader, which he thinks is possible. Like black holes, which scientists have been thinking about for 100 years, there are gravitational waves. We have to acknowledge historically that Islam used the Old and New Testaments to bring credibility to their book, the Qur’an. The same goes for Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. If I were a lawyer, I would say based on strict legal evidence that the Old and New Testaments are historically accurate, but the Qur’an is an unquestionable ancient document, unreliable, hearsay rules. No source evidence of its value. Combining the Old and New Testaments, legitimizing the Qur’an as true history added by God to the New Testament Gospels, using Abraham as his scapegoat or lackey.

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