Paris Hilton – The Truth – How She Stands Up Against Negative People

Paris, I say to you, get on with your life. you are living! Congratulations! Because we see you so often, you are role models of new ways of life and new values. I like. As a psychologist, I’ve worked with many people in my life who have messed up their lives. I’m sure you’re on to something, as I’ve seen from the media. Ah so!

The media misled you, Paris Hilton. Why? Because journalists in the near-anonymous media don’t get the limelight themselves, they make celebrities look bad at every opportunity they get.

Media coverage is negative characterization for public consumption. We all know that the media thinks that the public feeds on the negative things that happen in their lives. Destroy the Twin Towers and everyone is motivated, and a stupid man elected President of the United States thinks he is going to make history.

This is a negative. Check out Larry King, CNN’s interview with Paris Hilton after she got out of prison. Just look at how the Los Angeles court system treated Paris Hilton and how she fought back.

Let’s say right from the start that media journalism is fascinating because it’s presented as drama, like a good movie or novel.

Paris Hilton is one beautiful heiress. Her parents own the Hilton, so Paris has all the money she could want or need to live her life. Well, how many of us have that opportunity? There are not many of us.

Paris has the ability to fully express herself and be fully herself, but she also has the freedom to destroy herself and her life.

That’s one point! Low-paid media people find ways to get good at writing and distributing news. Larry King rose to the top from a Brooklyn ghetto where he grew up with some boys who became gangsters. Some made it, but many didn’t.

Why be negative, Larry, when you’re successful in life?

Check out Larry King and see how he made it! Now, Larry King interviews rich kid Paris Hilton, who is out after serving 22 days, most of it in solitary confinement.

In interviews, Paris Hilton said she reads the Bible every day. Larry King showed interest. What chapters in the Bible do you particularly like? he asks. Why? He wanted to make Paris Hilton negative if he could. Paris had no idea of ​​the number of Bible passages and chapters she had read in prison.

Paris is no intellectual, Larry. Why make her ugly? One can read the bible and get good things out of it without having to memorize it like a school test for reason. Do not you think so?

Come on, Larry King! Do you make Paris Hilton look good, bad, or neutral and objective?

In fact, from the video I watched of Paris Hilton being interviewed by Larry King, Paris Hilton handled it really well.

  • She made herself available for an interview because she knew Larry King would throw everything at her, like DUIs and license suspensions. No, this is not your father’s type.
  • Paris explained the circumstances herself, rather than agreeing with Larry King on every aspect of her life.
  • Paris Hilton redefines herself in interviews and doesn’t simply let media people define her because he wants to start from the point of view of making a beautiful woman, millionaire, celebrity negative in the public image if If he could, he certainly tried.

That’s the point. People like to project negative and positive sides onto media stars, celebrities they write about. Larry King lives off of being famous, but not himself. That’s what troubles the media. What do they think about themselves and life? They’re writers who write about other people, but aren’t doing anything of importance themselves. Larry King is one of them.

Paris Hilton expresses herself positively and effectively in her life. She is using her resources to make a splash and represent something of value for her and many of her peers.

Admittedly, modern society is too controlling, full of judges, lawyers and police officers to regulate the behavior of citizens who are trying to realize themselves.

Here are the characters in the latest episode of the Paris Hilton saga:

Judge: When jailing Paris Hilton, the judge made sure she was sent to prison, where many would be released or paroled at home, wearing ankle bracelets to monitor their whereabouts. Judges are punitive. He represents the control of other people in society through power, simple reasoning about right and wrong. When the sheriff sent Paris home to serve his sentence, he put Paris back in jail, and sometimes the sheriff did it for other people as well.

Sheriff: He sent Paris Hilton home because she was scared, restless and claustrophobic. He shows compassion. He showed kindness to a famous person. However, from Larry King’s interview, she learned some resilience from her prison experience and maybe her character improved!

Paris Hilton: A young adult who has not yet settled down and lived a modest life by normal or conservative adult standards. Given that she is driving recklessly, then she needs discipline, some discipline to teach her ego that she can’t just act in society according to her own wishes and values.

Larry King Media: Writers who live off social figures, who are not media stars or figures themselves. Larry King was a media “writer” whose interviews were recorded and presented to the public. He builds characters by interviewing people who come to him. He is a novelist, master builder, or character enhancer in disguise. The celebrities he interviewed were all more intense characters after he got over it. It’s a skill, but it also requires brutality. You can see when he favors certain celebrities and supports them, and when he can’t understand certain people, it is based on his own attitude and the attitude of the media he works in.

The Public: The public in its millions are almost exclusively people without the resources, talent, looks, wit, luck, and drive to become media stars. When you and your life don’t stand out among your peers, then you have to experience the famous people of your time who do stand out and thus represent the best and worst of your generation. The real thing about media and celebrities is that we project onto them, identify with them, and live through them.

Paris Hilton says prison food sucks. Well, maybe it was sloppy, but maybe it was on purpose. Paris Hilton is right. Society doesn’t want to face this kind of rule-breaking and doesn’t support change.

Where better to serve the best food than prisons and prisons? What better way to show compassion and affirmation of change than in prisons around the world? You either believe that at least some prisoners can be rehabilitated, or you want to condemn them and make them suffer.

Recent news: A seventeen-year-old murderer has been sentenced to death. He reacted in court and started fighting. His family were in court, devastated by the verdict. But the family of the woman he killed is also in court. The mother said, at least now the murderer’s family knows what we have suffered in the past year.

Therefore, it is serious in life. One kills another and causes others to suffer. How do you deal with this problem? If the murderer does not allow another to live, why should he allow him to live? However, why would a driver who killed someone else in an accident be allowed to live if the killer was killed. Life for life. The principle is simple.

However, when human values ​​are present, such as compassion and healing, then what punishment or response do you give to someone who has done something wrong?

Paris Hilton and her sentence epitomize that. Paris represents how people treat each other in a certain society.

Paris Hilton represents life in the moment, how can a person make mistakes when trying to express and realize himself in society and life?

Paris Hilton represents how a person sees themselves, what their self-image is, what sense of self they have and don’t have at that stage of their life.

This is not the Paris Hilton we see in the video. In the Larry King interview, Larry is busy asking delicate questions, trying to make him the role of Paris Hilton, while Paris Hilton on the other side of the table is busy counter-manipulating Larry King and him trying to make himself Become a media persona in The Great American Novel that suits you best.

Kudos to Paris Hilton, 26, who got some professional advice and training on possibly how to create the best Paris Hilton media persona for herself.

How about now that Paris Hilton’s sex photos are circulating on the Internet? I looked, and if it was really her, I saw some free pics of Paris Hilton holding someone’s erect penis. I’m not interested in who he is. I’m interested in Paris Hilton’s sex life because her sexuality represents certain social attitudes and values.

Her interviewer, Larry King, has a young wife who, despite being much older, has already given birth to a child. What does Larry King think about pornographic images that many call porn?

I don’t know, but I do know this. Old attitudes about sex that originated in Christianity were negative and restrictive. Sex isn’t bad for someone who accepts and loves. This is good.

When Paris Hilton holds her man’s erect penis, it’s not porn. Bad guys project bad things. Sex is good. It creates good affection between people and creates a new life. Larry King with his young wife probably sees a beautiful naked woman every day. Is that porn? No, it’s not porn. It’s about loving life, loving yourself and others.

See Paris Hilton as a loving woman with a bare penis in hand porn? No, it’s not porn. This is human love. This is human sexuality. There is no difference between being photographed on the beach together in bathing suits and creating loving and playful interactions together in the bedroom using bare genitals.

The public display of a bad thing by society is just an artificial negativity to one of the positive human pleasures that really contribute to making life worthwhile.

Paris Hilton talked about the prison officers strip-searching her, where she had to strip naked and spread her hips, though she didn’t say so in the interview, but let a stranger check your ass.

Why should Paris Hilton be shamed for having slept naked online, The New York Times reporter asked.

This shows again how negative the media is. Being photographed having sex together can be seen as a wondrous sight of natural beauty. A strip search is a humiliating ritual to show the dominance of a prison or prison guard. It’s a fact of life, but not the same as a loving sexual encounter.

in conclusion

So when you find yourself interested in a celebrity or other media news, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your projections of those people. Look for the negative attitudes you’ve induced in yourself. Because these attitudes are your prison to yourself and your ability to live more and more freely. Watch how Paris Hilton stood up to old members of the establishment and tried her best not to let the media personality define her in public. Paris Hilton has the right to define herself in the eyes of others, and in the process, she may also affirm herself. We can all do this, we can all define ourselves for ourselves and others, and be more fulfilled in life because of it.

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