Jamf launches Jamf Ventures

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jamf recently announced the launch of jamf companiesan investment fund that focuses on early-stage companies worldwide and will invest in projects related to security enhancement and the power of transformation within apple ecosystem.

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The fund focuses on early-stage companies from around the world that will provide strategic value to Jamf clients. Jamf Ventures’ first investment through the fund is SwiftConnect.

SwiftConnect is a cloud-based software provider that connects disparate access control systems across homeowner and enterprise portfolios with mobile credential platforms, user directories, and other systems that influence physical access requirements. In addition to streamlining the access management process, SwiftConnect also links your customers with a virtual credential on their mobile device.

Jamf Ventures builds partnerships with innovative technology companies to accelerate growth. Jamf has announced that it will invest $50 million in startups over the next five years.

“Jamf Ventures exemplifies our commitment to helping our customers succeed with Apple through the most innovative, powerful and scalable Apple Enterprise Management platform and partnerships available,” said Jake Mosey, vice president, Jamf Ventures. “By joining forces with other true innovators, we will be able to continue to provide Jamf Nation with solutions that help them connect, manage and protect their Apple fleet.”

Jamf’s portfolio companies will also have access to Jamf’s extensive IT research expertise, technologies and APIs.

Jamf is a complementary addition to our impressive list of real estate technology investors and we are excited to be an inaugural member of Jamf Ventures,” said Chip Kruger, CEO of SwiftConnect. “As an expert in IT and information security, Jamf brings his unique insights into the intersection of physical and digital security, as well as how personal technology in the business can boost employee experiences. We are grateful for your partnership and look forward to the future together.

9to5Mac’s opinion on Jamf Ventures

Jamf Ventures is something I’ve been thinking about for the last few weeks, and I think it’s a really exciting announcement overall. Jamf knows the Apple ecosystem. They know the pitfalls organizations face with technology, so they are well positioned to help these companies navigate the early stages of go-live.

For Jamf shareholders and clients, it provides Jamf with the opportunity to invest in early-stage companies that have the potential to generate incredible returns in the future.

Overall, Jamf is positioning itself to be the go-to VC provider for companies that build on the Apple ecosystem in the enterprise. I am excited to see what kind of partnerships Jamf Ventures can generate in the future.

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