Lion Global Investors is researching AI to discover the possibilities offered by technological advances

Lion Global Investors harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to keep up with the explosive growth of data and analyze patterns and trends.

SINGAPORE, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lion Global Investors (LGI), one of the largest asset managers in Southeast Asiais leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to keep up with technological advances and the explosive growth of data.

LGI conducts traditional fundamental analysis using public disclosures from publicly traded companies and input from sell-side research to make investment decisions. The current process uses pre-processed information to make investment decisions.

With the massive growth of data, LGI’s investment team recognizes the need to use AI to keep up with this growth and incorporate the use of new types of data, which could be potentially difficult for humans to handle. The use of AI is intended to improve LGI’s decision-making process and reduce employee reliance on institutional knowledge, as AI techniques and data analysis incorporating quantitative modeling have proven to be more scientific and systematic. It will also improve efficiency in the analysis of new data sources. Beyond using AI to analyze larger volumes and new types of data, LGI will also use AI-powered techniques to recognize patterns and infer interactions between different types of data (for example, structured and unstructured data).

The AI ​​initiative at Lion Global Investors is supported by Financial Sector Technology and Innovation: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (FSTI-AIDA Scheme), which aims to promote AIDA adoption and strengthen the ecosystem in Singapore financial sector. The Monetary Authority of Singapore administers the FSTI-AIDA scheme, which is financed by the Financial Sector Development Fund.

“We are honored to receive support in adopting AI and data analytics in Singapore. Over the next two years, we will strengthen our AI capabilities,” he said. gerard leeCEO, Lion Global Investors.

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