Mosyle brings new security options for iPhone and iPad endpoints

mosilo is ramping up its products with new security protections for iPhones and iPads, adding more fuel to the Apple fire in the company.

Hardening and compliance options for iPhones and iPads

The company is introducing its first endpoint security solution for IT administrators who oversee fleets of Apple mobile devices. The idea is that the product, Mosyle Hardening and Compliance, ensures that employee devices are protected, compliant and follow the latest cybersecurity benchmarks.

“Over the past several years, Mosyle has extended its reach beyond Apple device management and has merged innovative endpoint security solutions into our platform,” said Alcyr Araujo, Mosyle’s founder and CEO.

Apple’s growth continues to drive expansion

Apple’s expanding place in the enterprise market is generating renewed interest among hackers in undermining enterprise security models in the pursuit of money. Last week, Apple identified and applied protection against the ninth zero-day vulnerability used against iPhones this year.

Araujo believes that Apple’s enterprise adoption is growing rapidly. recently explained: “Enterprise customers continue to expand their Apple fleets in a way that makes us believe that we are only now in the early days of a migration era.”

There are numerous trends driving Apple’s growth. These include the consumerization of ITthe movement towards employee choicefrom Apple security reputation, product reliability Y lower running costs overall. Interestingly, Apple recently revealed that more than half of the Macs it sold in the last quarter were to people new to the platformfurther suggesting the depth of Apple’s renaissance.

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