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KOCHI: Keralites are no strangers to giving their children interesting names, mostly after famous personalities from sports, cinema and world politics. So, among us there are people like Marx, Lenin, Maradona and the like.

For the same reason, the 12-year-old has become a popular figure at the Under-14 District Championships in Kochi. The young tennis player is named Novak Nadal, after two tennis legends, Serbian player Novak Djokovic and Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

Interestingly, Novak Nadal’s parents named him even before they knew that he, like his namesakes, who shared 43 Grand Slam titles, would show interest in tennis!

“Sanoj Kumar, my husband, is a big tennis fan and Novak and Nadal are his favourites,” said Celia Kunjimon, the boy’s mother. Officially named Nowak Nadal Sanoy, the youngster is a student at the Indian Public School in Kochi.

However, not only the father’s love for tennis prompted parents to name the baby in honor of famous players. “We had an interfaith marriage. Sanoj is a Hindu and I am a Muslim. We didn’t want our child’s name to be in honor of religion,” Celia said.

But Novak Nadal, however, isn’t thrilled with the attention he’s getting. “I like to play tennis. I am not a professional, but I play decently, and most importantly, I enjoy it, ”he said, adding that he wants to make a career in sports. “I like to play tennis and football. So I haven’t decided on the sport yet,” Nadal said.

Coincidentally, Nadal became interested in tennis after watching his father enjoy matches on TV. Desi Novak Nadal started playing tennis at the age of 4. “Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are also my idols. I love their games. I want to meet them and play a match with them,” Nadal said. “My name has always made me stand out in the group, especially among those who know the two tennis players,” he said with a smile. The tennis tournament, organized by the Ernakulam Tennis Association, will end on November 27.

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