Open Source Continuous Machine Learning Platform Sematic Raises $3M in Seed Funding Led by Race Capital

Sematic is the only platform that delivers end-to-end continuous machine learning automation for the next million data scientists and machine learning engineers.

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Sematic: The Open Source Continuous Machine Learning Platform

Sematic: The Open Source Continuous Machine Learning Platform

Sematic: The Open Source Continuous Machine Learning Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — sematic, an open source continuous machine learning (ML) platform, announced today that it has closed a $3 million seed funding round led by Race Capital with participation from Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Leonis Capital, Pioneer Fund and renowned angel investors, including Brandon Leonardo, co-founder of Instacart; Oliver Cameron, Vice President of Product for Cruise; and Jeremy Stanley, former vice president of data science at Instacart and co-founder of Anomalo.

Sematic, founded by Emmanuel Turlay, a founding member of Cruise’s ML infrastructure team, is the first and only platform to deliver end-to-end continuous machine learning automation for ML engineers. With Sematic, machine learning engineers can automate, schedule, and clone pipelines whenever new labeled data is available. Enterprises can use Sematic to extend their machine learning teams and focus on training new models instead of worrying about maintaining the infrastructure needed for automation.

The platform offers a lightweight, open source data science and ML pipeline development and execution framework with a simple onboarding experience. Machine learning engineers can simply use native Python to build and run arbitrary end-to-end pipelines that track and version all assets and artifacts (models, datasets, graphs, metrics, code, etc.) and visualize them in one intuitive and complete way. user interface.

According to Gartner, the business value derived from AI is projected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2022. Despite the increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Fortune 500 companies, machine learning is often overlooked. underused, or even misused, without industry standards around continuous deployment, automation, and integration. According to VentureBeat87% of AI projects will never make it to production.

“At Cruise, to implement more ML models in autonomous cars, we had to grow the infrastructure teams in a linear fashion with the number of ML engineers and models to support. This costly organizational strain led me to realize that making ML pipelines automated and ML engineers autonomous is not just a good thing, but a requirement for shipping more, better, and safer models,” said Mr. Turlay, executive director of sematic. “Once we got the right ML platform in place, the productivity of Cruise’s ML teams skyrocketed, allowing them to hit launch goals.” Turlay and his team were technology leads for the ML infrastructure team at Cruise.

“I want to democratize access to continuous machine learning. Not every company can afford to hire dozens of ML infrastructure engineers like we did at Cruise. My team and I are building Sematic as the open source machine learning platform for companies of all sizes. Our mission is the security and accuracy of machine learning models and empowering ML teams to move much faster,” said Turlay.

Since its launch in August 2022, Sematic has already closed commercial clients such as voxelan AI-powered workplace security platform, and has gained significant adoption by the open source community.

“Sematic is exactly the type of machine learning platform we want at Voxel. It gives my ML team unparalleled visibility into our ML pipelines and just the right level of abstraction so we can focus on business logic and leverage cloud resources without the need for infrastructure knowledge,” said Anurag Kanungo, CTO and co-founder of voxel.

“Data is the new oil and Sematic is building the new oil rig for the ML engineering team,” said Alfred Chuang, a partner at Race Capital. “Today, ML engineers rely heavily on their infrastructure team to test, automate, and deploy ML models. This inefficiency leads to more than 80% of all trained machine learning models never reaching production. We are proud to partner with Emmanuel and his team to empower the next million data scientists and ML engineers and beyond. This is a crucial problem whose solution will drive the entire data and machine learning industry forward.”

Sematic will accelerate its hiring process, launch its hosted cloud offering, and continue to attract more developers to its best-in-class machine learning platform.

About Sematic

Sematic is the open source continuous machine learning platform that enables any business to build automated ML training pipelines in days, not weeks. Founded by Emmanuel Turlay, a founding member of Cruise’s ML infrastructure team, Sematic’s mission is to democratize access to continuous machine learning for companies of all sizes.

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