Overwatch 2 requires your phone number once again

A screenshot of Mercy, the Overwatch healer, performing her Resurrection ult.

If you were happy that Blizzard mostly removed the SMS protection requirement, a method to curb the creation of surveillance 2 accounts of potential bad actors, sorry to disappoint, but he’s back. Yes, the publisher announced in an updated blog post that SMS Protect has been re-enabled, which means whether you have a prepaid mobile phone or not, you’ll soon need to connect a phone number to your Battle.net account in order to play surveillance 2.

surveillance 2 It’s been a bit of a mess since it came out on October 4th. Maps have been removed. The servers were flooded at launch, making the game largely unplayable. A the third of the roster was blocked and certain heroes, like Bastion Y Meithey were removed so Blizzard could fix issues with their kits.

surveillance 2 has been going through it, and the SMS Protect number requirement was another thorn in players’ side. some said my city it felt like “to be punished for being poor” because SMS Protect did not allow prepaid numbers, effectively preventing low-income people from ever playing the free hero shooter. Following the quick reaction to this controversial requirement, Blizzard reversed the decision, saying that people with a connected Battle.net account “won’t have to provide a phone number to play.” surveillance 2.

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Well, Blizzard has changed its mind again. In an updated blog post on November 17, the publisher said that SMS Protect for surveillance 2 is coming back.

“Starting today, we are expanding global access of SMS Protect to prepaid phones,” Blizzard wrote in the blog post update. “We are excited to welcome more players to surveillance 2 while continuing our commitment to combat disruptive behavior and protect the integrity of the player experience. This update may take several hours to fully implement, and we can’t wait to see you in-game!

my city reached out to Blizzard for comment.

While Blizzard said in its updated blog post on November 17 that SMS Protect would appear in “several hours,” I was only asked to add a phone number to a newly created Battle.net account. So I am guessing that the requirement has gone live ahead of schedule by the company. Excellent.

At the same time, Blizzard announced the return of SMS Protect, surveillance 2The new executive producer of Jared Neuss published a separate blog about game updates. This includes tweaking the progression system to “feel good with the time you’ve just spent in-game,” improving wait times to be “more accurate in the UI,” tweaking matchmaking to “better determine a player’s skill level and division,” and making balance changes to heroes that are “good for the current state of the game.”

Experiments are also underway for the battle pass, so the rewards feel more rewarding and less of a burden, but these updates “may take longer to lock in,” Neuss said.

“A quick note: sharing plans before they are finalized is risky,” Neuss wrote in the blog post. “Development in a live game like surveillance 2 it requires constant juggling of players’ pressing needs, long-term ambitions, and current issues. It’s easier and safer to talk about work once it’s almost done and ready to turn in. That being said, I think sharing our thoughts early is the right thing to do, so we can create a better dialogue between the development team and the community. Be sure to welcome your feedback – we read it, it inspires us, and we use it in our development plans. Ultimately, we need it to make sure we’re creating a game you want to keep playing for years to come.”

Snow storm, which is notorious for its toxic workplace culturehas announced surveillance 2The second season of will begin on December 6. This bundle of content will include a new map, another battle pass, and the ramattra tank hero, which can be unlocked after reaching level 55 in the battle pass. Journal.

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