Patriots react to Marcus Jones’ game-winning touchdown straight from Hollywood

FOXBOROUGH – Marcus Jones had the play of the season for the New England Patriots on Sunday.

With both the Patriots and New York Jets failing to get the ball into the end zone, Sunday’s matchup looked destined for overtime when New York punted the ball with 26 seconds left in a 3-3 game. For whatever reason, the Jets kicked the ball to Jones instead of kicking it out of bounds. That decision ended the Jets’ chances to win Sunday’s game as Jones returned the ball 84 yards for the game-winning touchdown with five seconds remaining.

Jones said after the game that he was happy to get the win, but was already looking to move on.

However, Jones’ Patriots teammates were elated for him and his team after his game-winning play.

Patriots defensive end Deatrich Wise Jr., who was sacked Sunday, likened the end of the win against the Jets to the most memorable football movies.

“It started right here, and it went this way. I think that’s how I told someone else, how the game ended, it was phenomenal,” Wise said. “I think it was almost like a movie script in a way. I think of all the football movies, ‘Rudy’, ‘Any Given Sunday’ and ‘Remember the Titans’, this is the best. The way it ended was phenomenal.”

While Wise viewed the end of Sunday’s game like a movie, other Patriots players shared how proud they were of the rookie. Matthew Slater, who is the captain of the special teams unit, took particular pride in how the game was won.

“Is special. It’s one of the hardest-working groups I’ve ever been in in terms of a special teams unit,” Slater said. “They really play for each other and I really feel like we love each other. It’s a good mix of young and old and we hang out and play for each other. It’s good to see that the monotonous work we put in pays off in a situation like that.”

Patriots corner teammate Jonathan Jones, who was on the field as part of the return team during the play, had a good feeling it would result in a score.

“I watch him, Marcus shoots out, he goes inside me, he shoots out and once I saw him go across the field, I knew it was over, it was a touchdown,” Jonathan Jones said. “I was looking at him and we made eye contact and he left and it was over after that.”

Patriots safety Devin McCourty recalled something Bill Belichick told the team earlier in the season about why Jones was able to return the punt all the way for a touchdown.

“Coach Belichick mentioned it earlier this year, when you have a guy who can return the ball, it makes everybody want to do more,” McCourty said. “You saw guys here, Jon Jones, I don’t know how many snaps he played defense, but he’s playing defense. We have other guys playing their other roles on the team and going 100 percent because we all know if you make a couple of blocks, Marcus can do the rest.

“Going out early in the game and coming back and being ready to play, locked up, the biggest moment in the game as a rookie. Everyone always talks about the experience. It’s being ready to start, it’s knowing what you’re supposed to do, and it’s executing. Marcus did that and it was a great play for us, I’ve never been a part of anything like it. Great feeling, great victory for the team”.

Patriots running back Damien Harris said he had “never” seen a game ending like Sunday’s.

“That’s an all-time stopwatch,” Harris said. “It was such a tiring game and it’s a little hard to find a rhythm sometimes, we have good plays here, and not so good plays here, but on the last play of the game you’re fighting for 60 minutes and getting a win like that, it was amazing. ”.

Slater, who is the longest-serving Patriot in charge as he is in his 15th season in the league, also said he had “never” seen an endgame like Sunday’s.

“I’ve never won a game like that at any level of football, so just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re in year 15 and you see something like that, it’s just unbelievable,” Slater said.

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