Phil Spencer says Xbox business will become ‘unsustainable’ if it remains ‘irrelevant’ on mobile

primarily driven by Microsoft’s mobile gaming ambitions.

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while not naming concerns the PlayStation maker has raised with competing regulators currently reviewing the transaction.

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He said that in the last five or six years, all of the growth in the $200 billion global gaming business has come from the mobile segment, while console and PC revenues have remained “relatively flat.”

Spencer, when asked about a recent comment Microsoft made to a regulator about being a small player on PC and mobile, said: “I don’t think anyone needs that quote from us to understand how irrelevant we are on mobile. Anyone who picks up their phone and decides to play a game will see for themselves.

“And PC too, our trials and tribulations over the last five, six years in Phil Spencer says Xbox business will become 'unsustainable' if it remains 'irrelevant' on mobile

Activision Blizzard says downloaded over 650 million times

“That puts a lot of us who are maybe traditionally segmented to one screen and one device, in a position of, OK, if you play this for 10 years, if the console itself isn’t going to grow, and the PC will grow. . in certain years and not [other] years, and mobile technology continues to grow, how do you continue to run the business and remain competitive with others who are already acquiring talent, creating new business models, new distribution, creating new franchises?

“It’s critical that if you’re trying to run a global gaming business at scale that you meet your customers where they want to play, and increasingly, mobile is where people want to play.”

Activision Blizzard said last week that its monthly active user base totaled 368 million for the quarter ending September 2022. The maker of Candy Crush King accounted for 240 million gamers, Take-Two and Zynga merge for $12.7 billion completed earlier this year.

That deal brought

Phil Spencer says Xbox business will become 'unsustainable' if it remains 'irrelevant' on mobile

Spencer said: “If you look at the totality of what Activision Blizzard King does, where their customers come from, where they make money…it’s the same reason Take-Two looked at Zynga and said we had to build our mobile phone. “. ability.

“I would say that Activision Blizzard King did a better job before, definitely better than us, and now they are in a position where they have great PC franchises, great console franchises, and great mobile. For us, the real differentiation they add to us is their mobile capability.”

Microsoft recently outlined plans to create a “next-gen game store” to compete with Apple and Googlehelped by its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

“Building on Activision Blizzard’s existing player communities, Xbox will look to scale the Xbox Store to mobile devices, drawing gamers to a new Xbox. Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation for longer than currently agreed.