Research on gene-expressing proteome shows DNA-hosted receptive mode of communication

This month, Franklin Pugh Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and researchers Chitvan Mittal grad, Olivia Lang grad, and William KM Lai grad, discovered that inducible systems work in tandem with constitutive systems to produce state-variable results.” on” or “on”. “Off” state of certain cofactors: This highlights new insights into how the epigenome affects transcription within cells.

The team posted their to study “A selective SAGA and TFID PIC integrated assembly pathway for equilibrated and induced promoters” in the journal Genes and Development.

The study used yeast as a model to determine the functionality of inducible systems within the genome dedicated to gene expression. Inducible systems are systems that are normally activated by environmental changes in the microenvironment. Pugh compared yeast as a simpler model to study the molecular machinery that regulates genes in humans.

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