Richarlison of Brazil scores in World Cup win


LUSEIL, Qatar. Just when you might start to wonder if Brazil’s enticing idea outweighs the harsher reality, Brazilians can remind you that they always reserve the right to go out and do something that will make your eyes pop out of your eyes. chapter.

That’s what happened on Thursday night when, two days later, a nascent World Cup goal graced Lusail Stadium. disorder of the ages did the same. It happened in the 73rd minute. This sealed Brazil’s first 2-0 victory over Serbia. It came from Richarlison, a 25-year-old who has been scoring a lot lately. It made people gasp and scream when they didn’t even plan on panting and screaming.

It spawned a stadium noise that lasted longer than such noises usually do. This lingering noise carried an unmistakable sound of surprise.

The most stellar of the World Cup’s all-star teams, Brazil has finally made its debut in this 22nd Men’s World Cup, the 22nd for which Brazil has qualified. That trusty old electric yellow filled spotless new subway cars, shiny new subway stations and a dazzling new stadium Thursday night, accompanied by the usual singsong volume in the usual outpouring of anticipation. The crowd emptied towards Lusail Stadium, a futuristic structure that resembles a lighted soap box at night.

They saw Brazil, the tournament’s default favorite, narrowly get past some with a more than capable Serbia during the first half without many wows and Brazil’s period of post-break pressure starting to build up. They finally saw a goal in the 62nd minute when Vinicius Junior, the 22-year-old prodigy of Real Madrid’s career, caught the ball that Neymar had lost on the left side of the penalty area and suddenly kicked it into goal. where goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic stretched out to save him before being lightly poked by Richarlison.

It made the score 1:0, but it wasn’t something people would store in memory banks.

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No, it happened after 11 minutes and again depended on the creation of Vinicius Junior. He, of course, again operated from the left flank, and this time he led the guide ball through a narrow corridor of human obstacles. He found his way to Richarlison and then yelled.

Richarlison brought him up with his left foot and tossed him into the air. He then turned around, turned his body around and rode the bike with his right foot. It brushed even an inch over Serbian defender Milos Veljkovic’s left shoulder when Richarlison’s swinging boot nearly brushed Veljkovic’s head. He continued his screaming line and hurried straight to the left post and Milinkovic-Savic was as helpless in his late shot as anyone else.

For the second time in a short time, the entire Brazilian team, and perhaps even some people from outside the team, gathered in a corner for a wild celebration, and Group G went into action. while the Brazilians share with the Swiss on three points. It would serve as a perfect start for Brazil’s quest to win the World Cup for the first time in 20 years and increase the record number of titles from five to six, and in one fell swoop would remind that the reality of Brazil is sometimes just about the measure before the idea.

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