The Bengals will have to resolve these issues in the offseason.

The Cincinnati Bengals are a team close to the elite. They have arguably the best talent in the league in some positions and many unsung heroes in the rest of the roster. However, like every team, they have their drawbacks.

There aren’t many positions you can point to and say, “Yeah, that’s what’s pulling them down,” but if this team really wants to reach elite status and get back into the big game, they have a couple of positions they’ll need. do in the off season.

Now, most of them are due to a lack of depth, since without injury these positions are good on their own. However, when your best guy falls in a certain position, you are faced with a real test of perseverance – whether you can overcome grueling obstacles or not.

Having good depth in key positions is really important, more important than people like to think, and this year was a good example of that if you’re a Bengals fan or just following them this season.

So, without further ado, here are the positions the Bengals have to decide when the offseason hits – whether it’s the draft or free agency.

All statistics provided by Pro Football Reference.

This is the main position that I hope to resolve when the off-season hits. The gears are the worst part of the O-line and you can argue that they pull the unit as a whole. Kappa and Karras actually turned out to be great players, while Volson is a rookie who still has time to develop.

Jonah Williams and Lael Collins, on the other hand, are not up to the mark in the slightest. PFF score 58.7 as well as 58.6. Though I’ll say I’m more worried about Williams than Collins.

While the former Cowboy didn’t play as well as expected when he was signed, he has shown some improvement over the past couple of weeks. As for Williams, I don’t know if it’s because he sprained his knee a few games ago or what, but this year he has been absolutely terrible, now giving up most of the sacks in his position.

It sucks because I was really happy to see him stay in the off-season after a much-needed O-line cleanup, but it’s time for the Bengals to get away from Williams after this season is over and he’s done., whether the team makes another deep playoff or not. Complacency will not lead to success.

Apart from the first entry, I don’t think there are any other positions that I’m worried about in terms of quality. Almost every second position has at least one solid or even excellent player leading the group. At the far end are Chidobe Awuzi and Mike Hilton. Linebacker, Wilson and Pratt. D-Line, BJ Hill and DJ Reader. And so on.

Depth is a different story. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that good depth is just as important as having star players.

The cornerback is, in my opinion, the clearest example of this. Cincinnati went from founders Awuzie, Hilton and Apple in one game to Apple, Cam Taylor-Britt and Jalen Davis in the next. Those last two guys hadn’t even started playing for the Bengals until now. Luckily, Hilton was only away for a week, but Unfortunately, Avuzi is out for the entire season after he tore his anterior cruciate ligament.

Cam Taylor-Britt will hopefully prove to be a solid player (normal rookie hitting should be expected), but I would still like to see the team go deeper this offseason. Maybe a veterans corner that can help mentor young guys like CTB or whoever we might get drafted.

This may seem ridiculous, even blasphemous, but listen to me. Yes, I know the Bengals have one of the best and most dangerous receiver trios in the league right now, but again, depth is key.

We saw Ty Higgins fall earlier this year and Chase has been gone for about a month. They didn’t really have a wide receiver during that time who came off the bench and really stepped up (Higgins had a big game on Sunday, but that was the only big game he had in Chase’s absence). Mike Thomas disappointed me and while I like Trenton Irvin and think he is a solid foothold, the Bengals will win if someone better comes off the bench in case they get injured again next season.

If they could find someone cheap but explosive (much easier said than done), it could make this crime more dangerous than it already is. Not only will they have this guy coming off the bench in case one of the three main players gets injured and their absence burns a little less, but it might be better for players’ health and fatigue if they have someone. -someone they can rely on. from time to time for Boyd, Chase or Higgins. Not to mention letting someone else for the opposing defense plan the games he’s in.

Again, this is much easier said than done, but I would really like to have a reliable fourth option off the bench to de-stress and help carry some of the attacking workload.

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What positions do you think the Bengals absolutely need this offseason?

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