The Eagles won’t go undefeated – 2022 season

This is an analysis of what has been learned in NFL Lessons Week 9 2022 season NOTE. This article will be updated after the Monday night game.

FI 29, HOW 17

1. It’s shocking that these Texans could take on these Eagles, but it’s a reflection of what the NFL is, where literally anyone can beat anyone at any given time. The problem with morale victories is that from an administrative standpoint they are useless and they are preparing for the first pick in the 2023 draft. They will probably take QB.

2. The Eagles, to be honest, played half-heartedly and probably do so in the few remaining games against bad teams (there are several of them). In fact, I doubt they will go undefeated this season due to the simple fact that playoff pressure levels are increasing exponentially. No head coach wants that.

MIN 20 WHAT 17

3. Another game where the Vikings win by one possession without completely dominating the stats. The good part about it is that this is a well-trained team that knows how to close games. The bad news is that in the NFL, if you don’t know how to crush your opponents, even the weak ones, you will have problems with talented teams.

4. Even though Taylor Heinicke fires commanders and makes them play more focused and motivated, he is clearly a limited QB: he is a replacement for a reason. Here he was noticed, and in the end, in order to win it, he flew out with a pass, practically equalizing the score with the Vikings.

KIN 42, CAR 21

5. We predicted it. It was easy to think that Joe Barrow would put in a very good performance after being humiliated in the MNF against a division rival. The defense still looks good, turnovers and all, but Joe Mixon was obviously the key man: 5 touchdowns, 153 rushing yards and 58 receiving yards. The thing about Mixon is that he does those flashes of genius every ten games.

6. Baker Mayfield will definitely have a second chance to re-evaluate himself because I doubt PJ Walker will return as a starter as they have already seen him for what they have. In my opinion, it is difficult that, despite the fact that he plays well, someone dares to use Baker in the starting lineup again. It should be listed as a good backup.

NYJ 20, BUF 17

7. It’s not that they beat Billy that’s impressive, because anything can happen on any Sunday in the NFL, especially in a division game. I’m more impressed that the Jets defense got Buffalo down to 17 points: it tells us it’s a terrible defense and that they’ll keep moving forward this season because of what this division can do. It’s impressive to think that they have a 6-3 draw with the Dolphins.

8. There are times when such important and talented teams need one of these losses, and there is no better time than now. They say you learn more from defeat than from victory. That being said, sooner or later you have to know how to handle the ball in the NFL; in such games you understand the only drawback of Billy. The problem is that this is not due to lack of talent, but by design.

SV 26, IND 3

9. A typical beating of Bill Belichick gives the rookie QB heavily based on defense. It’s good that they’re winning this kind of game, but I don’t think they’re going to do much this year with such a shaky offense.

ten. Frank Reich lost his job after this defeat. Jeff Saturday, a former player, center who played with Peyton Manning for several years on this team, will now be the acting head coach, and we’ll see what he can do. If you don’t have a lot of talent in QB, it’s very difficult to consistently win in this league. Only a few can do it, and they don’t win regularly.

JAX 27, LV 20

11. It’s shocking, really shocking, to see the Raiders lose these games. Against the Cardinals, they led by 20 points in the third quarter. Against the Chiefs, they led by 17 points in the second quarter, and against these Jaguars, the worst offense of the three, they led by 17 points in the second quarter. WHAT A COACH JOKE Mister Josh McDaniels is throwing.

12. The first game of his career where I actually see Trevor Lawrence in complete control of his team. We need to see that kind of effort much, much more often if he’s going to come close to the expectations he carried after the draft.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs 35, OMS 32

13. In the end, Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle and Tyreke Hill change most of this team, and they are great at it. The truth is that even though Mike McDaniel makes bad decisions in certain situations, his offensive system works. Of all the improvements I see before Tua, more than half is their player 2.3 meters from the nearest defender, and Tua fits perfectly into this scheme. Now this defense cannot continue at this level, that’s for sure.

14. Justin Fields ran for 178 yards. This is a QB record in NFL history. I must admit that although he lacks development as a passer, he is gaining respect in terms of character and performance and we already know that he is a very good athlete.

IT 15, GB 9

15. Ridiculous that the Packers only managed 9 points against one of the worst defenses in the NFL, if not the worst. Rogers appears distant, unmotivated and powerless. He sends his transmissions reluctantly and effortlessly.

16. I have no doubt that such a victory is not enough to keep Dan Campbell’s place, although an improved defense is, of course, a great success.

LAC 20, ATL 17

17. The Falcons, as always, find a way to lose. This time, after putting in a great defensive play and recovering the ball, the defender fumbles the ball again, only to pass it to the Chargers offense, who only had to go a few yards and run out of time to hit the winning FG. It is shocking that such things do not stop happening to them, no matter who the players or the head coach are.

18. Finally, the Chargers, despite everything and not playing very well, achieved the victory they needed. I’m already convinced that Brandon Staley is not the solution for this team, but at least his talent is helping them release games like this. Let’s see if they have enough strength to reach the playoffs.

SEA 31, ARI 21

19. It’s clear that the Seahawks are already a team to look after, and Pete Carroll does an impressive job of managing a young ego and making the most of some players. The next step will be a clash with a rival team.

20. Matt Rule and Frank Reich left. I think Cliff Kingsbury could be next.

TB 16, LAR 13

21. I don’t know how they did it, but they did it. Brady won ONE MORE game coming from behind. Volume he is the first player in history to reach 100,000 passing yards. if you add regular season and playoffs. That’s why it’s the undisputed GOAT and I hope this win will snowball them into more.

22. I say the Rams are looking back to 2023, that they are playing with their youth and seeing what they have to see how they can plan for 2023 and beyond. This year is over for them.

KS 20, TEN 17

23. The Titans staged their fight, and a very productive three-quarters. The problem is that in this league, sooner or later, talent pops up. They dominated in every way, and that, after all, with players like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey on the other team, matters. Anyway The work that HC Mike Vrabel is doing is impressive and we’ve been talking about it since last week..

24. Travis Kelsey just tied Rob Gronkowski for the tightest end with the most 100+ yard plays in NFL history. What this man does week after week is simply impressive because, unlike Gronk, he never gets hurt.

This is an analysis of what was learned in NFL Week Season 9 2022. What would your notes be? We read you in the comments under this article and in our social networks.

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