The Japanese national team cleaned the locker room after the historic victory over Germany and won hearts

FIFA World Cup: Japan team cleans up locker room after historic victory over Germany and wins hearts

Social media users were delighted with such a gesture.

Japan closed on Wednesday historic first ever victory over Germany in a group stage match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, sparking massive celebrations. However, the Japanese team, known for being the coolest players in the world, once again captured the hearts of social media users with their incredible gesture. Instead of rejoicing in the victory, they cleaned up their dressing room and left it immaculate after beating Germany.

Sharing a dressing room photo, FIFA wrote: “After the historic #FIFAWorldCup victory over Germany on match day 4, Japanese fans cleared their rubbish in the stadium while @jfa_samuraiblue left his dressing room at Khalifa International Stadium like this. Flawless.”

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The picture shows towels, water bottles, and leftover food containers neatly arranged on a counter in the center of the room. Not only that, the Japanese team even left a note with the words “thank you” in Japanese and Arabic, as well as several folded paper cranes.

Meanwhile, the Japanese fans, known for their post-match cleaning, continued their little ritual. After the victory with a score of 2:1, Japanese fans remained in the stands of the Khalifa International Stadium not to celebrate the result, but to clean up the trash. As soon as the stadium began to empty, Japanese fans could be seen taking out light blue disposable trash bags. They could be seen walking around the stadium, bending over to pick up used cups, bottles, food wrappers, and even discarded German flags.

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Social media users were impressed by the gesture and were in awe of Japanese values ​​and culture. One user wrote: “It’s not just the fans, the players after a grueling match and an adrenaline rush from one of their greatest wins in history… found the strength and calmness to clean their dressing room. Find the origami they left behind. So much admiration for their commitment to cleanliness.” Another wrote: “When it comes to ‘manners and work ethic’, no country can surpass Japan…”

Asked by another fan on social media why this has become a tradition for Japanese fans, one responded, “We are Japanese and we don’t leave any trash behind and we respect this place.”

BUT similar was observed after the first World Cup game between hosts Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday (November 20).

Coming back to the match, Japan’s Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano landed the final blow in the final 15 minutes to give Japan a stunning 2-1 victory over four-time champions Germany in the first World Cup Group E match on Wednesday.

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