These 13 Incredible Concerts Will Make You Jealous

There are a few things that are superior to these constant golf-related gigs.

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The game is filled with colorful characters, many of whom are instrumental in the creation, development, and maintenance of the fields we play, the clubs we play at, and even the drinks we enjoy at the end of a round.

All works are good, but which ones are the best?

In search of an answer, we polled our employees and industry partners to determine the coolest and most fun golf gigs.

From course architect and equipment designer to bartender, helicopter pilot and golf course mongrel, check out our selections below. Click on each link to learn more about each candidate’s role and how they got there, or check out the entire collection of vacancies is here.

Pinehurst bartender

Sheila Wilson, bartender at Pinehurst’s Cradle CrossingI have seen and heard it all. So yes, she has one of the best jobs in golf.

Sheila Wilson, bartender at Pinehurst’s Cradle Crossing, and Emmitt Smith.

Contributed by Sheila Wilson

CEO of a golf apparel company

As key player in TravisMathewBen Donnelly dreams of a concert, especially if you love golf, surfing and chatting with celebrities.

golf museum curator

Spending days surrounded by golf history is as fun as it sounds. Just ask Hilary Kronheim of the USGA..

TaylorMade Content Creator

As Lead Content Creator TaylorMadeOllie Neglerio often highlights the more playful side of the best players in the game.

Ollie Neglerio at work.


luxury helicopter pilot

Why go on your next golf adventure when you can ask someone to take you there? Chris Sheel is your man.

Title Club Builder

As champion Vokey representative on the PGA TourAaron Dill is one of the most recognized and trusted club technicians on the planet.

Starter in St. Andrews

This is one of the most nervous and happy places in golf: the first tee on the old St. Andrews course. It is also home to one of the best professions in golf..

Starter on the Old Field


superintendent’s dog

It’s hard to imagine how Fiddlesticks CC staff and members in South Florida will deal with if the regular is named Ruby was not around.

Architect course

As one of the few female course architects, Christine Fraser knows the importance of feeling welcome. Her mission is to help others feel the same way.

Vault Keeper Ping Gold Putter

Longtime Ping collaborator Lesa Clark oversees what is by far the most valuable club collection in existence.

Social media content creator

Roger Steele went from retiring from golf to one of the most popular content creators. Just don’t call him “authoritative.”

Callaway Imagineer

Jim Seluga tugging on some important gear levers in one of the most forward-thinking brands in the golf equipment industry.

course photographer

Photographer Evan Schiller gets paid visit the best and most exclusive golf courses. That’s what he does when he gets there.

Jessica Marksbury Photographer

As a four-year-old member of Columbia University’s first class of varsity golfers, Jessica can excel at the top of the mast. She can also get ahead of them in the office, where she is primarily responsible for creating both print and online content, as well as overseeing major special projects such as the inaugural GOLF Style Issue, which debuted in February 2018. Her original interview series “A Round With” debuted in November 2015 and appeared both in the magazine and as a video on

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