This Pokémon GO ‘Auto-Catcher’ Can Catch, Fight, and Raid For 5 Straight Days, Says Dev

247 Pokemon GO Receiver
Image: PhotoFast

The face of Pokémon GO changed forever with the release of the Pokémon GO Plus Bracelet – a way to catch them all without even taking your phone out of your pocket. Since then there has been a Pokédex of imitators, all eager to bring something new to the game of catching.

Nothing more so is this case than with PhotoFast’s 247 Receiver – an automatic catching device that has a great ability to constantly catch Pokémon for 120 hours (that’s five days)! The device is also supposed to make these captures at a fairly fast rate, with an estimated time of 6.5 seconds on each wild encounter.

In addition to this, the device can also spin Pokéstops and engage in raids and gym battles from the comfort of your own pocket. The device comes with a suction cup cable capable of simulating screen touches that is supposed to be even faster than your own fingers. Combine this with the fact that the device exceeds the one hour limit of Pokémon GO Plus and can reconnect in the event of a disconnection issue and it looks like PhotoFast has a winner.

For a full list of device features, see the following from PhotoFast:

– The 247 Catcher is the world’s first Poke mon Go auto catcher that solves the 1 hour connection limit. For those playing with a third party auto catcher it is often incredibly difficult to keep the device connected to the game for more than an hour, the 247 Catcher now provides a solution to that problem.

– Quick Auto Capture: Allow non-stop auto capture of monsters around you. Catching a monster only takes about 6.5 seconds!

– Auto Spin: Automatically spin Pokéstops for them. No more missing items or worries about running out of Pokeballs.

– Auto Touch (Attack): For those who like to fight in raids and gyms, users can now have the device do the work for them. Simply connect the 247 cable with the word “RAPID” on it and let the 247 Catcher work for you.

– Auto Reconnect: Connect the 247 cable with the word “247” facing up and place the other end on the Go Plus icon. It will enter auto reconnection mode. Allow the device to remain connected for more than an hour. No more 1 hour connection limit so you can catch monsters all day long.

– Built-in rechargeable battery: Includes a USB Type-C charging cable. You can recharge via a power bank or other USB power source (adapter excluded). Charging time of approximately 2 hours for up to 120 hours of use time. Save money and time to change the battery.

– Smart Alerts: Users can receive alerts for automatic capture, Pokéstops, as well as captured monsters can be displayed via the LED indicator light, as well as vibration and sound alerts. Button available to activate/deactivate vibration and sound alerts.

– Portable size: product size about 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm and weight about 22 g. A little bigger than a coin. The storage case is included. You can easily transport it.

Like all autoreceivers, the test will be in how well the device works in the flesh. We’ll be testing the 247 Catcher over the next few months, putting it to the test to find out if it really is the best (as no one ever was). Until then, more information about the device and what it is capable of can be found in the Photofast website and you can check out our guide on the best Pokémon GO auto hunters below.

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