Virtual reality platform Soundscape VR announces new artist concert offerings

Goose & Pigeons Playing Ping Pong are among the acts joining Soundscape VR’s artist-driven metaverse.

By the JamBase team November 16, 2022 6:16 a.m. Pacific Time

Innovative virtual reality platform for music, arts and games VR Soundscape announced several new artist content deals and in-depth best-in-class features added to its metaverse of VR music entertainment. VR Soundscape is part of the Soundscape Universe, a collection of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality software developed by Groove Science Studios.

Proving that Soundscape VR is the most immersive, innovative and creative Music Metaverse, VR concert performances are now available from the American indie-groove band. Goose and psychedelic funk band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. They join Soundscape VR artists, including American jam bands. umphrey mcgee Y dopapodas well as a Grammy-winning artist slashelectronic bass music sensation GRAYmulti-platinum rock band Evanescenceand new faces of electronic music memo rex Y crescendollamong others.

“The Metaverse doesn’t have to be ugly. Musicians need to know that they don’t have to sell out to Zuck’s Meta to elevate their art in the musical metaverse,” founder and creator of Soundscape VR. eric-alexander explained. “Soundscape VR continues to stay one step ahead of our competitors by delivering the purest, deepest, and most expansive musical metaverse experience with ultra-high-quality audio and visual splendor that goes far beyond any Meta Zuckerverse.”

Other newly signed Soundscape VR artists include vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, big wild; New Zealand electronic music star Opium; Australian electronic hip hop duo hermitage; Italian multi-instrumentalists Gioli and Assia; and live electronic indie band Husa and Zeyada.

Featuring a full menu of customizable avatars and online streaming VR concerts from a wide selection of artists and music experiences, SVR features six massive yet detailed audio reactive VR worlds and hundreds of beautiful locations to discover and enjoy new music. and offers the best VR experience for audiophiles. Soundscape’s free locomotion system unlocks a truly immersive experience that will propel the world of music miles into the metaverse like no other platform or technology.

The Soundscape Universe is also expanding with the launch of PC mode, making the magic of Soundscape accessible to music fans around the world while preserving the ultra-high-quality experience Soundscape is known for. PC mode builds on the legendary VR mode, allowing avatars from both kingdoms to play and attend events together.

Outfit your virtual self with all new customizations, gear, and outfits to create the most impressive avatars in the metaverse. Unlock new capabilities for movement, interaction, and dance, using an even deeper level of control to play with keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or even handheld on the Steam Deck.

Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of your OLED or other high-quality display as you explore the dazzling worlds of Soundscape from all new perspectives, including the latest all-new world: Seachrome Oasis.

Each world—Crystalline Summit, Twilight Thicket, Silicia Sol, NeoNexus, The Black Sun, and Seachrome Oasis—delivers a dynamic virtual concert experience, giving music fans around the world the opportunity to participate in a sound and visual experience. completely new and shared platform that is designed to scale infinitely, with no limit on the number of participants.

Hunt for treasure in our special “Satoshi’s Vault” launch event, where the first player to locate and unlock the vault will claim a prize of 1 BTC. Open your eyes to our latest advances in audio reactivity as Sonic AI 3.2 translates any music into incredible visuals as you explore the worlds of Soundscape.

Access a deep level of controls with Immersive View for a hands-free viewing experience, or use built-in VJ controls like Optical Hack, Timewarp, and Flurry for the ultimate level of control. Play your favorite music to power up Soundscape’s Spectra Dash rhythm game as you search and destroy in a competitive test of agility.

Soundscape VR can be experienced in six unique ways across a variety of devices in a cross-platform gaming environment, including wired or wireless VR headsets, desktop PCs, laptops, handheld devices, or TVs with a gamepad. SVR is available for free on Steam or MetaQuest VR.

Download and play for free today in SVR’s virtual music utopia with no ads, no tracking, and no corporate BS!

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