Where the Patriots stand after the win against the Jets

NFL Power Rankings: Where the Pats stand after the win over the Jets originally appeared on nbc sports boston

Week 11 of the NFL season was instructive as we tried to hurt the Super Bowl run as several teams were revealed to be fraudulent on Sunday.

We’ll start with the minnesota vikingsthey were embarrassed by the Dallas Cowboys 40-3 at home. The Vikings are the first team to start 8-2 or better and have a negative point differential. They are who we thought they were.

In the AFC, zach wilson and the new york jets accumulate 2 total yards in the second half of a loss to him patriots. Contender? The Jets? no shot

as for the Bearshis losing streak reached four games with The defeat on Sunday 27-24 towards atlanta falcons. In the cruelest twist of fate, quarterback justin fields suffered a left shoulder injury in the final push of the game and you are not sure if you will have to miss some time.

The season has quickly slipped away from the Bears, and losing Fields for any length of time would be a major setback in his second-year development.

This is where each team stands after Sunday’s Week 11 action.

32. houston texans (1-8-1): The Texans staff can start making plans for a week in Mobile, Alabama, at the Senior Bowl.

31 carolina panthers (3-8): If the Panthers put together a competent offense on Sunday, they’ll likely take out the Ravens. But mayfield baker he’s not even capable of that.

30 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7): If the Jets hadn’t beaten the Browns and Rams in 2020, the Jaguars might have ended up with Zach Wilson instead of Trevor Lawrence. dodged bullet

29 Denver Broncos (3-7): Look on the bright side of the Broncos, at least you got your first ro… er… Russ gave you a cool catchphrase?

28 chicago bears (3-8): Justin Fields’ running offense was fun, but the Bears put the young quarterback at risk with reckless game calls during their 27-24 loss to the Falcons. An injury that forces Fields to miss time would put a stop to what has been an impressive sophomore rise.

27 pittsburgh steelers (3-7): On what I dubbed “Fraud Reveal Sunday,” the Steelers’ supposedly big $100 million defense was gutted by the bengalis for a total of 37 points and 408 yards. Fraudulent.

26 cleveland browns (3-7): Kevin Stefanski is training like he has a mulligan for this season, and he may not be wrong.

25 Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1): Jeff Saturday is the best kind of vibe, but vibes can’t fix what ails a bad Colts team.

24 los angeles rams (3-7): The Rams’ hellish season continued Sunday when Matthew Stafford he was evaluated for another concussion in a loss to the Saints. It’s a wrap. Champions are made.

23 las vegas raiders (3-7): Josh McDaniels doesn’t do a lot of things right, but he can beat the Broncos. That’s something. I guess.

22 Detroit Lions (4-7): Don’t look now, but the Dan Campbell Express has found his way over the past month. Oh, and here come the Bills.

twenty-one arizona cardinals (4-6): Did anyone else think the Cardinals looked better with pony mccoy last week of what they had with kyler murray All season? Any? buehler?

twenty Green Bay Packers (4-7): Aaron Rogers is back on #WashedWatch.

19 new york jets (6-4): Don’t worry, the Steelers’ defense will have plenty of company in the fraud zone. The Jets’ offense gained 2 yards in the second half against the Patriots, and reports from the locker room indicate that second-year quarterback Zach Wilson is upsetting a few people. Jets = Frauds.

18 New Orleans Saints (4-7): With their backs against the wall, the Saints threw every punch they had and knocked out the Rams. The NFC South is bad enough to keep New Orleans in the playoff picture.

17. Atlanta Falcons (5-6): Cordarelle Patterson continues to torment the Bears. Following his 103-yard kickoff return touchdown on Sunday, three of Patterson’s nine career return touchdowns have come against the Bears.

sixteen. Washington Commanders (6-5): The Commanders are sailing with taylor heinicke behind center, and Ron Rivera doesn’t need to see anything else to banish Carson Wentz to clipboard service. The commanders identified the fraud from him and stuck him to the pine.

fifteen. New England Patriots (6-4): Again the defense of Bill Belichick got the Patriots in playoff position. Now about mac jones.

14 New York Giants (7-3): The Giants will always get off to their impressive start in the Brian Daboll era, but a 31-18 loss to the Lions could be the point where they start to go back to being the pumpkin they’ve always been. FRAUDS

13 Los Angeles Chargers (5-5): Someone explain to me what Brandon Staley does for the Chargers. It’s not much. Fewer EVs in the coaching department has hurt the Bolts.

12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5): The Bucs will win the NFC South, but their road to the playoffs won’t go much further.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (6-4): tee higgins he’s a very good No. 2 receiver to have as an insurance policy for Ja’Marr Chase.

10. Minnesota Vikings (8-2): Their biggest fraud of Week 11 was bye-bye at home in a potential playoff preview. Kevin O’Connell, kirk cousins, and the Vikings’ offensive line didn’t measure up against the Cowboys. They didn’t even belong to the same field.

9. tennessee titans (7-3): The more I doubt the titans, the more they win. I yield

8. Seattle Seahawks (6-4): Is anyone having a better season than Pete Carroll?

7. san francisco 49ers (5-4): The 49ers will remain my pick for the NFC Super Bowl until kyle shanahan Y Jimmy Garoppolo Give me a reason to change it.

6. Baltimore Ravens (7-3): Baltimore has a championship-level defense and a star quarterback, but I remain skeptical that they’re a legitimate contender.

5. miami dolphins (7-3): The Dolphins received immunity from “Fraud Reveal Sunday” by virtue of a bye. I like Miami, but I’m not convinced that whatever the Dolphins do will work in January.

Four. Dallas Cowboys (7-3): Two presumed NFC Super Bowl contenders met Sunday in Minnesota, but only one seemed up to the task. The Cowboys have championship stuff, but they need to get out of their own way.

3. buffalo bills (7-3): It’s Squirrel Winters’ world, and we just live in it. All of Buffalo is freaking out over the man who helped clear Josh Allen’s driveway so he could get to the airport and play Sunday against the Browns.

two. philadelphia eagles (9-1): Down 10 going into the fourth quarter, jalen hurts and the Eagles found a way to come back and beat the colts with his C game. The Birds’ championship mettle.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (8-2): patrick mahomes It’s like Michael Meyers from the NFL. He is impossible to kill.

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