World Cup final score 2022: Uruguay and South Korea tied for fourth goalless draw of the tournament

Uruguay and South Korea started their World Cup campaign by tying points in the fourth goalless tie Qatar had seen in their first 14 games.

An exciting if sometimes subpar first half gave both teams chances to take over the game, Diego Godin came closest when his header cracked the bottom of the post from Federico Valverde’s cross. However, his blunder was not the most egregious. Hwang Hee-Jo managed to lift the ball over the open net after Kim Moon-Hwan’s excellent work on the right.

Lightning, with which both sides approached the first half, did not follow them very much back from the tunnel after the intermission. South Korea began to control the match but was unable to break Uruguay’s stubborn defense. Son Heung Min was turned down just as he was about to pull the trigger on the diving Jose Maria Jimenez. Substitute Cho Gue-Sung spun and fired from outside the box with 10 minutes left, but it was a game that was quickly reduced to a fraction of the points.

Uruguay mostly contented themselves with long-range shots, although Federico Valverde almost took advantage of one of them, hitting the post as time ran out. The seven minutes of stoppage time felt more like a curse than a kindness before the final whistle blew.

Nunes wasted on the left?

Speaking before the match, Uruguay head coach Diego Alonso underlined how much of a long-awaited dilemma it was to try to combine his many striking options. While it’s better than the forwards’ lack of reputation, it looks like the 4-3-3 formation he used didn’t put his best talents in their best positions, especially Darwin Nunes.

Although the young striker often played on the left flank for Liverpool, it seemed that he was not as obliged to come back as he was today, having spent too much time in the first half. If one of the most expensive and highly publicized forwards in the world ends the game with the same amount of defensive rebounds as Diego Godin, that’s not the best indicator of how your team is playing.

When he managed to attack, especially when Matias Olivera overlapped from the left, he looked like Uruguay’s most likely route to goal. He could only take one shot, but it was a tempting shot when Edinson Cavani pushed the ball far ahead.

One brilliant throw down the left flank saw him cause havoc in the South Korean backline, but the problem is that when the cut came, the Uruguayans hoped Nunez got it instead of delivering it. Instead, there were very few options because Luis Suarez constantly seemed out of pace, unable to parry a shot or create a chance for a teammate. The fact that he was always too far behind the game was reflected in the fact that he registered eight touches in his own half of the field and two in the penalty area.

Cavani has offered a more physical presence off the bench, but Alonso’s plans must start with putting Nunez in better positions to make an impact.

South Korea is a good fit for this World Cup

Qatar 2022 is already four times better than Russia 2018 when it comes to tedious 0-0 draws, it’s not out of the question that South Korea will add another one before the end of this competition. This is only a partial criticism because two rows out of four pinned by Napoli’s Kim Min Jae won’t be easily broken… if the opposition can go that far. At the top of the field, the front line pressed with real energy, their 10 possessions coming back in the final third more than any other team in the World Cup.

The problem may lie in what they do from now on. Hwang’s miss was a serious mistake, but Paulo Bento’s biggest concern was how rarely they turned those high balls into real chances. Only a glimpse of Son looked like the player who had terrorized Premier League defense for years. This may be due to a facial injury that forced him to wear a mask in this tournament, but it should be noted that he struggled for stability at Tottenham even before undergoing surgery on the bones around his eye. If he fails to deliver magical moments, then goals may not be scored very often in the next two games involving South Korea.

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