Xbox’s November update drops with new Captures app and more

Microsoft released the November update for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, adding a number of improvements to features like screenshots, Discord voice chat, streaming, and more.

Another month, another update… and this one is important. the november update for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles is now available to all users and offers a new Captures app, improvements to Discord, new streaming functionality and more.

Microsoft adds support for Lightstream, Streamlabs Studio and more on Xbox

The November update seems to have done a lot for various capture, communication, and streaming features on Xbox consoles. The Discord functionality, which was added earlier this year, will now allow you to access Discord server voice channels directly from your console menu. You can access it through the ‘Parties and Chats’ tab in the Xbox Guide. Additionally, channels will now offer noise suppression as standard on Xbox Series X|S consoles, so you no longer have to hear background noise from other users.

On the capture and streaming side of the update, you can now use the dedicated Captures app to view your gameplay clips and screenshots. The app offers a much smoother experience than the old system when editing and viewing your screenshots, something that was not available before. In addition to this, Xbox Series X|S consoles now offer higher bitrates for 720p and 1080p game clips. For those of you who enjoy streaming, you can now start your stream from your console with the Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs apps. Each offers a dedicated streaming experience, so the existing Twitch app is now solely for viewing other players’ streams.

Microsoft, in its ongoing quest to make its consoles better for the environment and your wallet, has also provided additional power features. Heading to the power options page in your console’s settings now provides a breakdown of power consumption used by off and sleep modes. On top of that, you can now further customize your power settings with new options, like turning off your console after sitting idle for a specific period. Regarding settings, you will now see a recommendations section at the top of your settings menu, giving you curated configuration options to consider.

Other additions this month include the ‘Request to Join’ feature, which is a new button on a friend’s profile that will notify you that you’d like to join them in the game they’re playing, to which you can respond by accepting. or deny the request. The Xbox Store gift and wish list features have been updated, so you can share your list with family and friends. You’ll also receive notifications when items on your wish list are on sale. Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC and Mac has been updated to support controller vibration when you play games, and the Samsung TV app is set to get the same treatment later this month. Xbox Assist has been renamed Xbox Support and now features redesigned items with the ability to scroll through items.

This week has seen a series of New titles announced for Xbox Game Passas well as some who are leaving the service. Touch controls were added to a stack of Xbox Cloud Gaming titlesand Microsoft announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks now offers free trials for Apple TV+ and Apple Music. It’s been an exciting couple of days and judging by the myriad of headlines Coming to Game Pass In the coming months, the excitement will continue.

There’s a lot to discover there, we know, but we’d love to know which, if any, of these additions you’re most looking forward to using. Leave a comment below and tell us!

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